AIverse partners with Deca4 to launch on the Hedera Network

In an exciting turn of events, the HBAR Foundation has announced that AIverse has partnered with Deca4 with the mutual aim of bringing the wrapped AI NFTs to the publicly distributed network of Hedera. This marks a significant milestone since AI NFTs will not be able to see the light in the mainstream community.

It has been revealed that Klon will be the system’s inaugural networked project. It’s possible that the trend in the AIverse project list will soon be followed by other entries. Klon is an open source project that allows users to generate text-to-voice material using lifelike avatars. With the help of NFTs, users can gain access to previously inaccessible features of the AI, and this is where Hedera comes into play.

If a user wants access to a certain artificial intelligence voice, say a female Italian one, they must provide a representative NFT.

Vali Malinoiu, the Head of Blockchain at, claims that their AIverse will be the first executable AI NFT ecosystem to be launched given its interoperability between the Human Blockchain and the Hedera Network. Vali has also expressed excitement about the hope of revolutionizing the AI industry.

Interoperability is essential for AI NFTs if they really want to experience widespread adoption. Moreover, it has to communicate with several blockchain protocols.

Vignesh Raja from the HBAR Foundation has responded to the statement by reciprocating the excitement and stating that they would also leverage the technology, allowing them to generate NFTs with different useful features like face and voice. However, these are expected to be used more for the purpose of monetization.

Vignesh has explained that the AI NFTs on the network will utilize smart contracts to generate, govern, and manage synthetic media generated by neural networks. It will concurrently leverage the speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of the decentralized Hedera Network.

Jean-Paul Tarud-Kuborn, partner and CCO of Deca4, has said that they are delighted to bring and Hedera technologies together, adding that it is a crucial contribution to the business use cases for the tokenization of the NFT sphere. These bring a lot of value to the corporate world and the blockchain community, which constantly needs upgraded technologies along with enhanced functionalities.

AI NFTs by are encapsulated in an NFT. The objective is to improve the processes of governance, usage, and management. The breakthrough technology provided by the team enables its users to rely on neural networks.


Different users—researchers, AI creators, and artists—have a much richer experience with the transition from basic proof-of-ownership to self-governing ownership.

Hedera perfectly fits into the partnership with its innovative public network that is powered by the hashgraph consensus. This allows it to achieve high-level security and faster transactions while consuming fewer bandwidths. This opens the door for blockchains that are yet to come onto the market.

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