Akropolis Integrates with RioWallet

Akropolis has been integrated with the RioWallet on popular demand. Akropolis is the foremost Ethereum-based DeFi platform in Europe and boasts of a vast, dynamic commune of developers around the globe. In addition to different investment programs like AKRO staking, users of RioWallet can now use the collection of financial services and DeFi dApps available on Akropolis. The objective of the integration is to make it easy for users to access the most well accepted DeFi dApps in a single wallet. Akropolis plans to make further announcements on this development.

Developers can initiate decentralized applications (dApps) on the Akropolis software. Users can operate and own cryptocurrency-based financial services on the dApps. Akropolis enables its users to manage a collection of dApps through which they can both grow their crypto assets and commence fresh DeFi protocols. Akropolis does this by providing best-in-class returns aggregator artefact which showcases a collection of the foremost strategies on return generation from different DeFi protocols, together with creating its own strategies on return generation on several chains. The basic goal of Akropolis is to generate yield on assets, It does so by providing decentralized financial products. Its mission is to give new users and established crypto users the means to conserve, multiply, and provide for the future safely.

RioDeFi hastens the large scale acceptance of crypto assets by building a bridge between traditional finance and decentralized finance. It is driven by the vision to enable all users to access DeFi services. RioDeFi connects banking establishments with blockchain enterprises through solutions developed by it. The dApps developed by RioDeFi enable a worldwide reach, more yields for savings accounts holders, greater efficiency, speedier confirmations, and low cost of transaction. ‘Rio’ means ‘river’ in Spanish and is aptly named because a river flows and is a symbol of liquidity.

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