Aladdin Exchange Treats Users with New Features and Ongoing Events

As the crypto industry continues to grow, Aladdin Exchange strives to keep up with the upward trend. With its goal of building the perfect cryptocurrency exchange, Aladdin keeps on devising strategies and developing new features for its users.

The latest one, a demo trading platform, is set to launch very soon. Aladdin’s new demo feature lets novice traders explore the world of trading without losing any digital asset.

The demo trading process starts with logging in or creating an account. Once logged in, users can click on the ‘Start Demo Trading’ link that can be found under the Support Center tab. They will be given initial demo coins of: 1000 USDT, 1 BTC, 10 BCH, 1 ETH, 10 LTC, 1000 ABBC, 100 GERA, 10000 TNC, 1000 PLF, 1000 HMR, 1000 CHLT that are only available for demo trade.

Users will also get access to Aladdin’s demo pairing list, order book, main trading chart, market trades, and the general transaction history. After getting used to the features and how the financial market works, they can start trading in the real market by clicking the ‘Trade-in Real Market’ button.

Not only is the launch of Aladdin’s demo trading exciting for beginning traders, but it started to catch the attention of expert users as well. They can use the feature to test out potential trading strategies without the worry of crypto loss.

Aside from the budding demo trading feature, Aladdin Exchange also has ongoing events that encourage people to try crypto trading and delight old customers. Moreover, just click here to read more about the same. 

Currently, there is a new user registration reward. Traders who are new to Aladdin receive 100 TNC when they register. To unlock it, they are required to finish the KYC process.

In addition, Aladdin is hosting a zero-trading fees event to welcome new customers. For the 100 days after the registration, trading costs will be waived, and they can enjoy higher earnings. 

Another event to add to the list is the referral reward. Each time an existing user makes a successful referral–registered and verified, they can receive 20 TNC as an incentive. With over 2 million registered traders, Aladdin Exchange plans to keep its crypto family happy and growing.

Last but not least, a long list of events is happening in 2022. Aladdin Exchange users are surely in for a treat. Never miss out on updates and ongoing deals.

For those interested users in exploring the demo trading platform, here are the details of the official website and ways to reach out to Aladdin Exchange:


For your queries: 24/7 Telegram Community


Follow social media accounts of Aladdin Exchange:

Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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