Alchemy Pay invests in LaPay and gets global Web3 API license to expand

Alchemy Pay invests in LaPay UK Ltd in order to initiate the global expansion of corporations operating in diverse industries. LaPay UK Ltd operates as a fintech company in the United Kingdom, whereas Alchemy Pay is a globally recognized Web3 payment service provider.

LaPay possesses an Authorized Payment Institution (API) License with the reference number 914920 in the United Kingdom. This falls within the purview of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of the United Kingdom. This strategic investment represents a turning point for Alchemy Pay as it pursues its objective of acquiring over twenty certifications from various countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and South Korea, among others.

Gibbs Lvy, co-founder of Alchemy Pay, asserts that the organization’s primary objective is to provide users with a comprehensive selection of Web3 payment solutions, including money transfers in local fiat currencies and, in the near future, foreign exchange. Before this, they operated on a global scale as a Web3 payment service provider that complied with all applicable standards. According to him, the investment in LaPay will alter the circumstances by providing them with additional opportunities concerning the robust markets of the United Kingdom and beyond.

Furthermore, he stated that fintech firms like LaPay are revolutionizing traditional banking, finance, payments, and Web3. At this time, major actors, including PayPal, Visa, Revolut, and others, are focusing on Web3 fintech, which is causing a significant shift in the international financial payments industry. The aforementioned encompass stablecoins, wallets, payments, and finance that are undergoing integration into traditional banking, payment, and finance frameworks.

Alchemy Pay is actively striving to establish a comprehensive Web3 payment ecosystem by meticulously integrating certification pathways and international compliance standards. Additionally, the implementation of alternative payment methods (APMs) to enhance service potential and introduce diverse payment products that cater to various circumstances is encompassed.

The organization currently possesses six certifications from four continents. The organization is committed to attaining over twenty certifications in order to establish a global presence.

Alchemy Pay was founded in Singapore in 2017. It is a Web3 payment service provider that connects cryptocurrencies and traditional fiat currencies on behalf of developers, organizations, and end consumers. It supports NFT checkout, an On & Off Ramp service, and payments in 173 countries. The Ramp is a unified solution for buying and selling cryptocurrency and fiat that can be integrated into a variety of platforms and dApps as needed. The NFT checkout facilitates the direct purchase of NFTs using fiat currency.

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