Offers Decentralized Indexing to Solana Ecosystem

Aleph. im, the cross-chain, blockchain-based computing network and decentralized storage platform, finally announced the release of Decentralized Indexing at Solana ecosystem. It seems from the Solana forecast report that the indexing tools of Aleph will boost the success of Solana and drive the power of Raydium analytics. Raydium is an AMM that operates on the Solana and extracts benefits from the customized indexing solution of The indexing tools and solutions of provide every user of Solana with rich data that includes liquidity provision, swaps of historic tokens, token prices, TVL, and the total volume of every trading pair taken together. 

The unique aspect of Aleph. im is that the platform is completely decentralized. As such, it can handle every indexing operation on a P2P basis without requiring the use of costly hardware and impossibly fast internet connection. The network of Aleph. im operates on fifty independent nodes, and, as such, the Virtual Machines can automatically scale themselves on demand for the auto synchronization of indexes across all nodes. Resource nodes shall be added to the network later this year, leading to an almost ten-fold increase in node count across the network.

Apart from providing decentralized indexing solutions, is also working on the engineering and implementation of subgraphs or GraphQL endpoints for a limited period to enable the complete decentralization of projects. Today, over eight projects of the Solana ecosystem are working in association with to incorporate its decentralized indexing solutions. The CEO of Aleph.m, Jonathan Schemoul, is delighted with the reduction in huge costs owing to the installation of the tools and solutions of indexing. With the help of, Solana seeks full-stack decentralization from the partnership.

Scott Cook

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