Algorand Foundation Gives Grant Award To Asalytic NFT Platform

Asalytic has received the Algorand Foundation Grant Award, making it a new entrant into the Algorand ecosystem. Asalytic will enable the users of Algorand to perform an in-depth analysis of the entire collection of non-fungible tokens.

NFT marketplaces based on Algorand will become available for review by the system of Asalytic. The marketplaces include ALFOxNFT and RandGallery, among many others.

Additionally, Asalytic will analyze the portfolio of wallets that are active on the platform, allowing users to view the behavior of their fellow collectors and understand for productive learning.

Vilijan Monev, the Founder of Asalytic, expressed his fascination with composability between applications. Vilijan Monev said that Asalytic would focus on composability more in the future to create synergy among platforms. A plan in the short run is to launch an application for Android and iOS to double the users’ mobile experience.

Asalytic currently accesses five different decentralized applications, which fall into the categories ranging from marketplaces to domain name services. Given that creating synergy is the ultimate goal of Asalytic, users can expect the marketplace to further push these lines to eliminate competition.

Addie Wagenknecht, the Head of Web3 at Algorand Foundation, said that the Foundation was excited to welcome Asalytic to its ecosystem.

Addie appreciated Asalytic for its customer-oriented approach, saying that its intuitive user interface has the capability of delivering amazing experiences to new users.

What Asalytic brings to the table is interesting. It enables Algorand users to perform in-depth analysis while offering the feature of wallet tracking of the biggest traders in the NFT space. Users would be able to compare different NFT collections in terms of their performance.

With all these features in hand, there is nothing stopping users from making a well-informed decision about purchasing their next non-fungible token.

Asalytic is an NFT platform that commits to bringing a newly created value to the Algorand ecosystem. Asalytic leverages publicly available on-chain data and decentralized applications composability. The user experience that Asalytic provides is technically backed by its visuals, current trends, and statistics.

All the benefits apply to the users who are already registered on the platform and those who are planning to register themselves.

Asalytic was solely developed and founded by Vilijan Monev. He has been with the Algorand Foundation for more than 12 months; however, he began working on his project nearly six months ago.

The initial intent was to analyze the sale and wallet activity of the Al Goanna Collection. It turned into a big project, enabling Vilijan Monev to start tracking NFT activities on the blockchain.

The in-depth analysis of a collection has four parts: Overview, Items, Owners, and Sales Activity. The overview includes the creator’s name and wallets that have minted the collection.

Items give users access to all the non-fungible tokens from a collection. The owner’s section highlights the market floor value of an NFT with the most active wallets in the collection. Sales Activity lets users analyze the said activity based on different metrics.

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