Algorand Foundation Joins UK Parliament’s Blockchain Advisory Board

The Algorand Foundation aims to empower a dynamic, borderless, inclusive global ecosystem. It announced the most awaited news of being appointed to the Advisory Board of the APPGBlock (All Party Parliamentary Group on Blockchain Technologies). The representatives of the Algorand Foundation include the company’s CEO, Staci Warden, and the Head of Education and Inclusion, Doro Unger-Lee.

APPG’s work is crucial for providing a cross-disciplinary and holistic forum for the industry, parliamentarians, public services, and regulators to inform the policy and narrative debate related to blockchain technology and to devise legislation and frameworks that will allow the UK to survive in the industry of blockchain technologies and crypto assets. Algorand Foundation has participated in various APPG meetings and roundtables, and the kind of long-term commitment, dedication, and vision the team has projected is worth mentioning. The team looks forward to building the blockchain-based Smart UK.

Algorand Foundation works on the Algorand Blockchain network to provide fast transactions at 10,000 TPS with a 2.8 seconds blocktime. The ecosystem utilizes negligible energy consumption, and smart contracts purchase carbon offsets that ensure zero total footprint.

The pure proof of stake Layer 1 blockchain protocol is developed for real-world impact with the support of Blockchain and Web3 professionals and mentors who wish to see the community succeed.

The new Advisory Board will operate closely with essential industry stakeholders to advance the long-term APPG programme of work. It will contribute to the Work Streams and Exploratory Domains at APGG that will include the crypto economy, tokenization of real world assets, decentralized finance, Blockchain-based Metaverses, Blockchain and conversion of allied disciplines like AI, post quantum blockchains, IoT, Blockchain for business and startup economic, sustainability, inclusion, diversity, social impact, and many more.

Trevor Holman

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