Algorand Foundation partners with Plateau State Government

Algorand Foundation and the Government of Plateau State of Nigeria are joining hands to explore pilot programs using blockchain technology in Nigeria.

The partnership was announced on the official website of Algorand. The post read that the Government of Plateau State holds a strong position in the administration and governance of state services.

The authority overviews routine operations in industries ranging from legislative and judicial to health care and procurement. With Algorand’s assistance, the administration will test blockchain apps throughout different sectors.

Dominic Gwaman, PITCDA’s (Plateau State Information and Communications Technology Development Agency) Director General, talked about the recent partnership. According to Gwaman, Nigeria is leading the digital economy in Africa.

The National Blockchain Policy has taken the first step toward blockchain adoption in the region. The authority is excited to collaborate with Algorand to develop real-world use cases that give efficient and transparent access to public services. Gwaman noted that it will also open up new job opportunities.

While the collaboration is quite high-profile, it has not helped ALGO’s market price yet. Currently, Algorand is trading at 0.1908 dollars, with a 4.8% dip in the past 24 hours. According to the latest ALGO crypto price prediction, the coin is expected to end the year at 0.47 dollars.

To reach that level, the Algorand Foundation must keep on establishing such collaborative initiatives. This is not the first time Algorand has launched a program in Nigeria, though. The venture invested massively in the region via software development education.

The foundation has already helped 500+ software developers in Nigeria. Over 10% of the trained developers in 2023 emerged from the Plateau State. The parties conducted several events in December 2023 to elevate software development operations in the region.

With the latest collaboration, Algorand and the Government of Plateau State of Nigeria will certainly boost blockchain adoption in the legislation.

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