Akurateco payments orchestration platform: The missing piece in the crypto puzzle

Cryptocurrencies stand at the forefront of e-payments, and it’s an absolute “must” for cryptocurrency exchanges to have a modern payment solution for making deposits and conducting payouts seamlessly in the blink of an eye. It is not only a matter of efficiency and a pleasant user experience but also a prerequisite for ensuring the security of their customer’s sensitive data and the exchanges’ compliance with regulatory requirements in the trading environment.

Payment Orchestration Platform is cutting-edge technology-driven payment software that is now at its peak of popularity among high-risk industries, given the number of features it offers to boost payment conversion and save on processing costs. Let’s explore how payment orchestration can benefit crypto exchanges!

Crypto payment processing: Leveling up

In the fast-paced online payments industry, the payment software that a cryptocurrency exchange chooses to work with must cover the following needs:-

  • Security

As cryptocurrency exchanges process large volumes of money, they present a prime opportunity for hackers. Being a high-risk industry, they must choose a payment solution provider offering multiple layers of security, such as two-factor authentication, encryption, monitoring systems, and tokenization vaults to protect against theft and fraud.

  • Speed

In a highly dynamic cryptocurrency market, even the slightest delay in payment processing may result in lost profits and missed opportunities. That is why a payment solution should be able to process transactions quickly and efficiently to execute pay-ins and payouts promptly.

  • Global coverage

Since the crypto exchange is an international project, its customers come from worldwide. Therefore, for their convenience, the payment software provider for crypto exchange should support popular global and local payment methods.

  • Robust data management

Collecting data from various payment connector admin panels can be time- and effort-consuming. That is why the data on all payments automatically consolidated in one admin panel is convenient for crypto exchange.

  • Optimized payment flow

Up-to-date payment technologies are crucial when it comes to crypto exchanges. The latest technologies designed to make transaction processing as efficient as possible and completely autonomous will save you a lot of hassle.

Now that we have established all the industry-specific needs, we can move on to the next step.

Akurateco payment orchestration platform: Crypto’s missing piece

Akurateco is a cutting-edge payment orchestration platform that offers robust and secure payment software for crypto exchange owners that will enable their customers to choose a convenient method of deposit, easily replenish it, and receive payouts. Our system offers the following:-

  • Cross-border payments

We provide 250+ payment connectors worldwide via one integration to Akurateco and the ability to develop new integrations upon request. The integrated banks and payment providers we offer are global and local – they include credit and debit cards and alternative payment methods, such as cryptocurrencies, e-wallets, QR payments, etc.

  • Advanced anti-fraud 

We use advanced in-house anti-fraud filters tailored to a high-risk industry to protect crypto exchanges and their clients from hackers and fraudulent activity. Also, our risk management system uses third-party risk-scoring providers, including Fraudio, MaxMind, Sift Science, and AcuityTech. Besides protecting your clients from scams, Akurateco anti-fraud can enhance your bank relations with smart routing and cascading.

  • Smart routing 

Transaction fees in high-risk industries can be pricey. Luckily, smart routing technology will help save on processing costs and declines by choosing a payment provider with the highest probability of transaction approval for each payment and will meet specific parameters, such as low processing fees. 

  • Cascading

Smart cascading will save multiple transactions from getting declined by sending them to another payment provider and as many as needed within a single payment attempt. As a result, a crypto exchange will see an increase in payment conversion rates. In addition, its customers can complete payouts at the desired exchange rate, improving their user experience.

  • Automated billing

Automated billing is a valuable feature for crypto exchanges as it takes the burden of calculating payouts from your payment providers off your shoulders. This technology will automatically calculate your fees, profits, and settlements to free up your time for strategic business processes.

  • Consolidated data management

With a one-page and easy-to-use Akurateco data management tool, the crypto exchange will have complete control over payment data from various payment channels without needing to collect and download it from each provider manually.

  • Fully branded payment page


Akurateco’s payment orchestration platform is a white-label turn-key payment solution branded according to your brand and style to increase customer trust and enhance your brand image. 

To sum up

The crypto exchange requires a robust and secure payment solution that can address all industry-specific challenges. If you want to take your payments to the next level, the Akurateco Payments Orchestration Platform is up to the task.

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