All about NFT TELAVIV, which will be held on October 2023

NFT TELAVIV – Edition 2023 is aimed at professionals from NFT – Blockchain – Web3 – Metaverse – and AI. 

At the heart of the Startup Nation and its tech lab, it is a unique opportunity to meet the industry’s main players and discuss the major technical issues impacting the growth market and securing organizations and operations. 

While the next challenge lies in democratizing new platforms and accessibility to the greatest number, the opportunities are huge. 

At NFT TELAVIV 2023, you will meet specialists and industry pioneers who can answer your questions and even those you will ask yourself in the near future. Whether it’s about technological developments, new regulations across the globe, security and financial risks to be considered, as well as their solutions, business strategies, and communities, you will find the center of interest that concerns you and will receive the answers necessary to strengthen your business by accessing new opportunities.

We are driven by a common vision and passion, and it’s in Tel Aviv that it is happening. 

Dates: 30/31 October 2023

Location: Port of Tel Aviv



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