Everything You Need to Know About the Fun-first P2E Racing Game: Monster Racing League

Monster Racing League is a P2E multiplayer racing game that puts fun at the forefront and promotes skill plus strategy. It is set to release the first wave of 5000 Mints on Friday the June 24, 2022, and this will be followed by a final wave of 5000 containers at a future date, ready for the game release in Q3 2022.

With a promise of being a wholesome and enjoyable experience for everyone, there is a lot to be expected of this project. So let’s learn more about this project together and how you can get in on the mint!

Monster Racing League – What Is It?

We’ve already established that Monster Racing League is a P2E multiplayer racing NFT game. So let’s dive deeper into the game.

The game puts you in control of your very own monster. It is your job to ensure that it is adequately equipped with abilities and boosters to give it the advantage in the race. If you win the race, you will receive a prize from the project’s ecosystem’s utility token: KBT. Don’t worry; everyone participating also gets a little something. 

By winning races, you will start to rank and compete against more competent and skilled players for higher prizes. 

Monster Racing League has also jumped on a novel breeding system trend. If you have two Monster Racing League NFTs, you can use them to generate a new one that combines its parents’ traits. 

Monster Racing League

How Do I Get In on the Mint?

On Friday, June 24, 2022, the mint for Monster Racing League will begin. The entire collection consists of 10000 NFTs, but only 5000 will be released for this round. 2500 of them will be on the Ethereum blockchain, and the other 2500 on Polygon. So decide which blockchain you want to use. 

When purchased, you will receive a Monster Container with up to 6 NFTs inside of it. These NFTs are an origin monster, vehicle cosmetics, 1-2 tribe abilities, a booster pack, and a chance of 1 of the 20 racing tracks in the game. 

Among the origin monsters and vehicle cosmetics, there are chances to receive epic or even legendary pieces. If you’re very lucky and receive a racing track, you have a lot of bonuses to look forward to. The tracks are what people race on in the game; each time a race is held, you will receive passively generated rewards, making them highly valued. The whitelist begins on the June 24, 2022, with a price of $200 USDC. You can mint a maximum of 2 per wallet.

Monster Racing League A Play-to-Earn Game

Looking to the Future


The game is just about to go live, and this is a massive achievement for the team, Flightless Studio, and their publisher: Phat Loot Studio. Now, it is time to take a look at what the future of the game will be. 

So far, tournaments and special events have been promised to happen at the end of 2022. Here, there will be rewards even bigger than before. The game itself will also be expanded to include more tracks, cosmetics, booster cards, and lots more.

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