Web3 Switzerland unites visionaries at the biggest Swiss Web3 fest to date

The NFT Lakeside Unconference (NLU) and Swiss Web3 Fest collaborate to celebrate the biggest Web3 gathering to date in Switzerland.

Zürich, Switzerland — September 16-17, 2023 — Web3 Switzerland brings together an assembly of pioneering minds, crypto enthusiasts, and blockchain businesses as well as traditional companies as they embrace NFTs and Web3 assets in an unparalleled event that showcases the vanguard of the NFT and crypto space. 

NLU, organized by the Swiss NFT Association and the Swiss Web3 Fest, initiated by the Crypto Valley & Crypto Oasis, will unfold in Zurich’s esteemed FIVE Hotel, drawing together more than 1,000 guests from across the globe. Parts of the conference will also take place in the Swiss NFT Association’s metaverse on Spatial, where participants can log in and interact with their peers in the virtual space.  

NLU will be a two-day interaction, learning, and entertainment spectacle catering to crypto veterans, newcomers, and established blockchain enterprises. The event will encompass an array of subjects, from forging NFT communities and exploring NFT use cases to navigating legal and compliance landscapes, delving into DAO ecosystems, exploring  Bitcoin NFTs and ordinals, engaging in AI debates, and celebrating the realms of music, art,  and gaming NFTs. Distinguished NFT projects will have a strong presence at the event, including the OG HODLers of Pudgy Penguins and the Bored Ape Yacht Club communities. 

Immersive experience and global projects 

Distinguished by dynamic talks, immersive panels, hands-on workshops, engaging booths,  and total hotel sections dedicated to crypto projects from all over the world, the luxurious  FIVE Hotel will transform into a bustling hub of Web3 innovation, housing an eclectic array of  NFT and crypto players. Strolling through the venue, attendees will experience interactive booths that feature prominent projects such as Pudgy Penguins, pioneering Web2 (traditional industry) companies bridging into Web3 culture such as PURU Suisse, or mingle in the hotel sections designated to headline projects spanning from sustainability, longevity,  tokenization, metaverse, gaming, digital art, and DeFi. Major players include DFINITY and Pulse World. 

In the evening, after a day full of networking and learning, attendees are treated to a  gourmet flying dinner and later experience an epic afterparty in the hotel’s penthouse hosted by the PartyDegens, who are known for throwing the afterparties as in NFT Paris, NLC  Lisbon and many other renowned crypto events. 

Key speakers 

  1. Dominic Williams – Founder and Chief Scientist of DFinity 
  2. Marcello Mari – CEO and Founder at SingularityDAO 
  3. Saqr Ereiqat – Co-Founder and managing partner at Crypto Oasis 
  4. Burnasso and Fifi – Pudgy Penguin holders and active in the Pudgy Penguins Europe  sub-community 
  5. Vincent Verrone, aka Legend – Doodleduckz Founder 
  6. Alexander E. Brunner – President of Home of Blockchain and Senior Government  Advisor 
  7. Georg Bak – Digital art advisor and co-founder of NFT Art Day 
  8. Marcel Fleisch – Chief Product Officer at VP Bank in Liechtenstein 
  9. Patrick Tobler – CEO and Founder of Cardano’s marketplace NMKR 

Key parts of the hotel are used as stages, workshop rooms, and areas of interaction:-  

Ballroom main stage 

Unveiling keynote speakers, panels, and exciting updates & announcements 

Soul street 

Dive into the metaverse and NFT projects, exhibited in the colorful and hip Soul Street 

Workshops in the board rooms 

Gain insights from industry experts on Web3 and blockchain in an intimate working group 

The penthouse & bar 

During the day the top floor of the FIVE Hotel, visitors can experience immersive metaverse experiences and tap into blockchain gaming. At night, the excitement continues: Join the legendary afterparty in the penthouse! 

Swiss academic footprint to foster innovation 

Major Swiss institutions, including the UZH Blockchain Centre, University of Basel, and HSLU, will underscore the importance of blockchain education and its contribution to the Swiss innovation landscape. These influential players reinforce the significance of knowledge sharing and innovation in the rapidly evolving blockchain landscape and will be represented at the conference.  

Ecosystem-focused dialogues to reach global resonance 

Embracing a participatory ethos, the Unconference champions open dialogue, cross-collaboration, and knowledge exchange. A diverse cohort of innovators, investors, and startup pioneers from various domains and more than 15 countries will convene to foster holistic growth and disruption. This event will take Switzerland to the global level of Web3 events happening in the largest Web3 communities, such as France, the UK, the US, India, and South Korea, just to name a few. 

More than 50 partners and nearly 80 speakers are coming together for this event from Switzerland and beyond; for the Saturday event alone, 1,000 plus attendees are expected to fill up the FIVE hotels to the roof!

Access pass 

Tickets for the Unconference’s daytime segment are complimentary. Sign up for free to gain access to a multitude of enriching experiences. 

  • Immersive talks and panels
  • Workshops 
  • Interactive booth 
  • Food & Beverage 

Elevate your experience by opting for an upgraded ticket, which grants access to: – Gourmet Flying Dinner

  • Exquisite afterparty hosted by PartyDegens in the FIVE Hotel’s penthouse 

Creating bridges between Web3 communities 

The NFT Lakeside Unconference and the Swiss Web3 Fest stand as a testament to the collaborative spirit, fortified by partnerships with the Swiss NFT Association, Crypto Valley &  Crypto Oasis, Inacta Ventures, and TRUST SQUARE, and backed by the endorsement of  Kanton Zug and the city of Zug. This conference marks the biggest Web3 gathering to date in  Switzerland.  

Swiss NFT association’s impact on the Swiss Web3 ecosystem 

“As Switzerland’s premier NFT & Web3 association, we offer a physical hub for creativity,  inspiration, and networking. A vibrant community of members showcases their use cases, embarks on collaborative projects, and navigates challenges in a nurturing environment. The association offers a Web3 coworking space that orchestrates events, workshops, and working groups, all while pioneering Web3 technology to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3.” – Said Victor, Co-Founder of the Swiss NFT Association. 

For more information – http://www.swissnftassociation.ch

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