All AI tokens available for purchase on exchange

AI or Artificial Intelligence has taken the world by storm. Even the crypto market is not barred from AI’s influence., one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the market, now also offers several AI tokens for users to buy. According to the review, enthusiasts can choose from 20 AI crypto tokens on the platform.

These tokens belong to a category of crypto projects that rely on AI in different ways. These coins either fuel or develop AI-based apps, services, or projects. From being a means of payment to offering governance rights, AI tokens also boast different use cases.

As AI technology becomes more widespread, more traders are gravitating toward AI tokens. As the crypto exchange hub, is among the primary platforms users trust to buy these tokens. On that note, here is the list of the top AI tokens users can buy on

  • RNDR (Render Token): RNDR is ideal for customers who require computation power for scene rendering. The coin connects creators to node operators who earn RNDR tokens for lending their GPU power. Render, which was launched in 2020, enables powerful AI and 3D rendering capabilities while also providing one of the world’s largest distributed GPU networks, with over 100,000 node operators on its waitlist. 
  • AKT (Akash network): It is an open-source computing platform that offers decentralized storage and processing to users. The platform is an alternative to AWS with a dedicated supercloud for AI. AKT is the utility token for security, governance, value exchange, and incentives on the platform.
  • GLM (Golem): The decentralized compute marketplace establishes a P2P network where app users and owners can get resources from other providers’ machines. The GLM token is the primary store of value and payment method on the platform. 
  • FET ( FET is the native crypto of the platform, allowing users to pay transaction fees on Users can also stake their tokens for governance and interest purposes.
  • AGIX (SingularityNET): SingularityNET is the decentralized marketplace curated for self-organizing intelligence networks. As the native token, AGIX can be used for payment, incentives, staking, and governance.

Besides these top tokens, also offers:

  • GRT (The Graph)
  • NEAR (NEAR Protocol)
  • ICP (Internet Computer)
  • OCEAN (OCEAN Protocol)
  • PRIME (Echelon Prime)
  • TRAC (OriginTrail)
  • CORGIAI (CorgiAI)
  • ROSE (Oasis Network)
  • NMR (Numeraire)
  • CQT (Covalent)
  • AIOZ (AIOZ Network)
  • ARKM (Arkham)
  • ALI (Alethea Artificial Liquid Intelligence Token) 
  • NUM (Numbers Protocol)
  • LMWR (LimeWire)

The exchange allows users to buy these tokens using USD, GBP, EUR, and 20 other fiat currencies. In addition, users can trade the AI tokens for other cryptocurrencies.

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