All eyes on Memeinator as meme coin cumulative volume surpasses $40B

Market data shows the trading volume for meme coins has surpassed the $40 billion mark. This is nearly double the volume recorded in early 2022.

As this market dominance grows, Memeinator (MMTR) captures the imagination. The upcoming meme crypto has raised over $7.2m as of stage 20 of its presale. This article will explore the ins and outs of this token and explain how it could hit its $1 billion market cap goal.

Memeinator: A crypto presale sensation obliterating weak memes

Memeinator has seen the future, and the future is awash with bad meme coins. Having traveled back from the year 2077, it is here to rid the present of these bad-quality projects before they get completely out of hand.

As part of its entertaining game, Meme Warfare, the project uses AI to separate worthwhile meme coins from weak ones. The feeble meme coins are fed into the Meme Warfare game as characters for players to destroy. 

This process is facilitated by engaging with the Memeinator community and inviting them to suggest their most hated meme coins. The Memeinator will then use AI to review the entries and feed them into the game.

Recently, the game was brought closer with a partnership between Memeinator and award-winning game studio Red Apple Tech. The game studio will help develop the Meme Warfare game, which features combative enemy pursuits, shooting, crushing, car chases, ground combat, and more. 

This Meme Warfare experience is looking like it’s resonating well with investors. The community is rapidly growing on social media, with over 140,000 followers on X and more than 17,000 on Telegram.

An experience harnessing a powerful new sector

Its Meme Warfare experience places Memeinator very close to the GameFi market. Although not a 100% GameFi project, its shared characteristics still place it in a great position to take advantage of the sector, which is currently valued at around $20 billion and projected to grow to $90 billion by 2031, according to sources like Business Research Insights. 

The Memeinator ICO couldn’t have launched at a better time. The broader crypto market is bullish; Bitcoin has surpassed $50,000 ahead of the halving event, and the altcoin season looks like it is getting underway. This positive sentiment is being felt as MMTR continues to witness increased demand for its presale. 

Attractive tokenomics powering the project

There are 1 billion MMTR in total, with 62.5% of them set aside for the presale. However, the project has committed to regular token burns, the first of which happened in December 2023. Nearly 130 million MMTRs were burned. This token burn was executed even earlier than originally planned after the Memeinator team asked the community if they would like there to be one.

In addition, Memeinator features an attractive staking pool, with an astounding 45% APY for stakers who contribute to the growth of the Memeinator platform.

Can MMTR become a 100x sensation in 2024?

With a fiery presale, robust use cases, and its alignment with GameFi, Memeinator has boatloads of charm and the potential to rocket past 100x gains.

This is particularly plausible when you compare it to other popular coins in the space, like Pepe and Bonk, both of which vastly exceeded 100x gains last year despite being very low on the utility front. If Memeinator hits its $1 target – very possible considering the bull market that’s just getting going and the success of the aforementioned meme coins – then early-stage investors will see 100x gains.  

Time is of the essence

The Memeinator presale is quickly selling out. Only 21.551.724 tokens remain out of the total 625,000,000 offered in presale. With MMTR prices rising at every stage during the presale, investors who jump in now will be better positioned for a surge after the MMTR presale ends in Q1, lists on exchanges, and hits the open market.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.

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