AllianceBlock to Launch LMaaS on May 27

The DeFi sector is constantly receiving new upgrades, and the latest one is coming from AllianceBlock’s side. The decentralized market is launching its new liquidity mining product, LMaaS. The product is expected to bring down the barriers restricting entry in the DeFi sector. Despite being a relatively new project in the sector, AllianceBlock is establishing a market prestige. The latest mining product will be released on May 27, marking a turning point for the DeFi market.

AllianceBlock believes yield farming to be the USP of DeFi, and the product is aimed to leverage liquidity mining itself. AllianceBlock stated that they understand how modern DeFi projects struggle when it comes to liquidity mining. That is why LMaaS will offer ideal solutions to the issue.

It substantially improved TVL (total value locked), liquidity, and user count for the platform. Despite being in the field since November 2020, AllianceBlock boasts a TVL worth 25 million dollars while its liquidity mining holds 50 million dollars at its peak. AllianceBlock introduces the product in three standard parts:

Issues Faced in Liquidity Mining

The current DeFi sector does not possess an adequate amount of tools to help projects enter the market. While developing custom liquidity mining programs is a norm, it continues the wheel of new projects forced to build their custom program. While this can be achieved, not every project can afford the resources and funds for the same. This leads to users being left with a sub-par experience, forcing them to hold multiple positions across different platforms. This increases security concerns while restricting the industry’s appeal to the masses.

The Opportunity

AllianceBlock stated that their market experience made them realize how much the sector required robust tools for simplified market entry. The ideal solution will be a white-label Liquidity Mining program addressing these issues. The product should also allow projects to develop their mining and staking programs with minimal time and resources.

The Solution

AllianceBlock’s solution to the situation came in the form of LMaaS. The product will help new projects get the means to build custom liquidity mining platforms. It will also help them launch pools while it can also deploy new staking and mining campaigns.

LMaaS also possesses numerous analytical tools to track every essential indicator. It will prepare a one-stop station for every tracking, mining, staking need. LMaaS can be utilized to facilitate healthy wealth management practices within projects.

In the future, the product will equip risk and quantitative management tools for risk and market status assessment. AllianceBlock is working on incorporating esteemed KYC and Identity Verification tools. When executed, LMaaS will be capable of keeping up with every local and national administrative need. For starters, LMaaS is supporting Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. However, it will soon add Avalanche and Polkadot along with other protocols.

LMaaS is not the only project AllianceBlock is backing, as they are also breaching the crypto market. ALBT, an ERC-20 token released by AllianceBlock, is also helping the platform garner market relevance. The token’s value and use cases will skyrocket once LMaaS is released.

Despite being a relatively new project in the market, AllianceBlock is establishing prestige. The platform is set to launch a new liquidity mining program named LMaaS. The program will revolutionize both the DeFi and the crypto sector with its enhanced features.

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