AllStars Digital’s Initial Exchange Offering Brings the $ASX Token to Global Audience

As the native utility token for the AllStars Digital platform, AllStars Coin ($ASX) unlocks a wide range of features and opportunities for holders, including access to exclusive events, staking, and discounted trading fees.

AllStars Digital (ASD) has launched an Initial Exchange Offering (IE) for AllStars Coin ($ASX), the native token of the ASD platform. ASD is the world’s first sports performance trading exchange. Using proprietary indices and real-time sports statistics, ASD is creating performance-based prices for sports-focused digital assets, thereby reimagining what is possible in the world of sports-based trade, investment, and speculation.

Initial Exchange Offerings are a tried and tested method for blockchain and cryptocurrency-based projects to provide as wide an audience as possible with access to value-added utility tokens. The $ASX token, as the platform-native blockchain-based token of the ASD ecosystem, will unlock a wide range of uses and opportunities for its holders, including options on ASD within the realms of fantasy gaming, NFT collecting, Metaverse sports participation, and dApp games, the team said in a press release. 

To facilitate fans and investors to ‘Watch, Trade and Earn,’ $ASX and ASD are revolutionizing the sports realm for fans, players, clubs, brands, and partners all around the world.

“AllStars Coin ($ASX), as the underlying currency of the AllStars Digital trading exchange, will bring users free access to AllStars’ fantasy sports contests, as well as entry into our exclusive mega-coin contests. With the growth of transaction volumes and revenues, ASD will buy back $ASX from the market to support and grow its value. By holding $ASX, fans and investors can also earn from special series NFTs and be a voice in DAO voting for NFT icon development as well as DeFi player listings. $ASX is a principal component of the ASD platform, and we are thrilled to now reach our IEO – a critical milestone on our project roadmap,” AllStars Digital CEO Youssef Mechahouri said in a statement

CPO Akash Gharu also commented on the IEO: “ASD’s proprietary technology has already been successfully tried and tested in traditional financial markets. Our goal is to combine quantitative computation with the blockchain to deliver definitive value rankings for the performance of sports athletes. With our upcoming IEO a few days away and our partnership with BitMart for listing $ASX already in place, we are ready to onboard users around the world and provide them with all the opportunities of using $ASX on our platform. Going into Web3 and GAMEFI, the possibilities for this token are endless, and the journey starts now with the $ASX IEO in place.”

In addition to building strategic partnerships with many of the leading brands and service providers in the cryptocurrency space, ASD has also created high-quality user onboarding resources and educational material to help users understand the benefits of ASD’s product and the $ASX token’s utility.

Mark Peterson

Mark Peterson has been following the crypto market for the past seven years. As a crypto news journalist, he has recently joined our team. He regularly delivers the most recent happenings of the crypto space. He enjoys writing poems and exploring various crypto trading platforms in his spare time.

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