Alfa Introduces Multi-Featured, Future-Proof App ‘Indiegogo’

Indiegogo is the latest addition by the blockchain-based social media platform- Alfa, is in to make a difference. The digital platform is not just in for making money, but rather, it has the aim to empower its users in real ways. The peer to peer privacy-focused platform is aiming to create an economic ecosystem for the platform’s users. The platform wants to empower them by enabling them to undertake transactions without any need of a third party freely.

The platform launched Indiegogo earlier this month. The platform invested two years for testing and developing. It is seeking to raise $800,000. Instead of the support, the platform is offering the supporters with-

  • Early access to the platform.
  • Opportunity to get the experimental Alfa Watch

The founder and Chief Architect of Alfa- Tony Tran said-

This is technology that people will feel good about putting down. […] Time is the great equalizer. With its properties as a foundation, we can combine the digital wallet, mobile phone, social network, and market access into a low-cost and a magical device that elevates all walks of life.

What sets Alfa apart from the crowd is its efforts to empower the users truly. The Enzo Operating Network (EON) has Alfa as its operating environments. Through EON, the members of Alfa get to have full control over data and their privacy. Also, they get to freely ‘monetize’ their time too.

What sets Alpha apart?

This kind of set up empowers the users to become entrepreneurs who can contribute to the ecosystem, and are assured ‘compensations’ for their time and data. According to sources, the blockchain-based social media platform- Alfa caters in the following departments-

Time-based and algorithm-free, an ad-free discovery engine, the fostering of productivity on a global basis, an all-in-one platform, and in the area of future-proofing.

Let us take these five distinctive qualities one by one-

De-mystifying the augmented online realities

Under the time-based and algorithm-free nature of this platform, the user gets a synced calendar that enables them to post and check online content based on the date they were posted. On this Tony Tran had the following to say-

Alfa preserves temporal context which is critical for sharing stories over time. Algorithms hack content’s narrative to loop emotional triggers for the purpose of programming attention. By simply adding time, the game is changed.

The timeline allows the users to have a wholesome view about the timeline and the various posts. Further, the platform also offers features such as “self-destruct and scheduled posts.” It is trying to de-mystify the augmented online realities, and rather trying to offer a reality check on the real workings of the blockchain, and the capabilities and the potential of the blockchain technology.

Freedom to watch Ads-

Further, Alpha offers the users have a choice on whether or not they want the ads to be displayed to them or not. Alpha can do so with the help of an ad-free discovery engine. It is a strong contradictory feature, given the main income the platform earns is from selling off the advanced time-based advertisements to various brands and advertisers. If the user chooses to watch the ads, the platform rewards the user for their time. This feature reflects a lot about the company’s integrity and customer-centric vision.

Global ‘Micro-Entrepreneurs’-

The platform offers a mutual ground for unifying everyone across the tech space through the feature called- “the fostering of productivity on a global basis.” It aims to do so by creating an ecosystem there is a free connection in its foundation and the users are freely able to create values for themselves and for the other participants. All this is backed up with rewards for the users. Tran thinks that it is time to ‘unshackle’ from the demarcations and distractions that the current technology has created. Such features will empower the user to choose how much monetization they wish to do, how much time they wish to put in, and thus in their respect, they gradually become ‘micro-entrepreneurs.’

The wholesome global experience-

The users can freely able to do many things on this platform with privacy, security, and freedom assured. The objective is to offer a ‘one-stop platform’ where the users can share, create, transact, discover, socialize, and so on, in real-time, in a very real way. All the user’s data is secured on the blockchain to enable security and privacy. This feature such result in a global sharing where the users can easily sell or purchase goods and services through the decentralized blockchain technology. Unlike other apps, this wholesome perspective of Alpha surely sets it apart from the crowd.

All set for future-

The app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is an app that works across any device intuitively and appealingly. On this, the founder and Chief Architect of Alfa- Tony Tran said

We actually started on the most challenging surface area — a watch face. While the platform is easy to instantly access, it is also designed to keep users from falling into the typical addictive behaviors that traditional social media giants want to develop.

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