Alpha Vault incorporates LI.FI’s widget

Alpha Vault, which is a multi-chain smart investment platform for cryptocurrencies, takes pleasure in declaring the fact that it has incorporated LI.FI’s widget. Through this, the users connected with Alpha Vault will be in the position of being able to link and swap their individual assets through nine EVM adaptable chains and Layer 2s sans exiting the dApp. 

Alpha Vault is a varied crypto investment platform that provides multiple smart DeFi solutions to connected users, such as custom vaults, as well as pre-ordained vaults, staking, and duplicate trading. Where vaults are concerned, they are individualistic cryptocurrency baskets coming with community-created index tokens. They have features such as being multi-chain. Pre-ordained vaults are set in place. There is the inclusion of custom vaults and the option of auto investment. Staking is made possible, along with duplicate trading. There is a facility for carrying out cross-chain swaps. 

Where LI.FI is concerned it is an absolute new-age bridge and DEX aggregator, coming with a smart routing feature to locate the most convenient route for shifting an asset on a selected chain. Additions have been made for backing 13 bridges through over 15 EVM adaptable chains. This is over and above all DEX aggregators and DEXs that exist on the chains. All of this is brought together to make a sole solution that is made accessible in the form of an SDK, widget, and API. 

Alpha Vault has incorporated the LI.Fi widget within its website. In this case, the connected users are able to link and swap assets via a single transaction throughout nine separate chains, such as Ethereum, as well as BSC, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Avalanche, Fantom, Gnosis, and Cronos. LI.FI, on its part, is responsible for locating the most convenient avenue of shifting funds in a safe and dependable environment.

Roxanne Williams

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