Altcoins to watch out in 2023: DigiToads, Apecoin, and Quant!

The demand for alternative cryptocurrencies or “altcoins” is rising as the crypto market expands. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have already established their dominance in the market, altcoins offer more significant growth potential for investors. They are also more affordable, allowing smaller investors to enter the market easily. This article will examine three altcoins to watch out for in 2023: DigiToads, Apecoin, and Quant.

DigiToads – New gem on the horizon

With its metaverse called “Swamp” and unique and engaging Web3 game, DigiToads is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency with vast utility. TOADS is the native token of the ecosystem and can be used for in-game asset purchases and traded on exchanges. 

DigiToads NFTs can be purchased inside the game and served as virtual pets that players grow and teach to be more effective in combat. At the end of each gaming season, the top 25% of players on the leaderboard receive 50% of the prize pool funded by in-game purchases, with the remaining 10% going to the remaining participants.

DigiToads also sets up exclusive monthly trading competitions on-chain, with Platinum Toads as monthly awards, to promote daily trade volume. The owner of a Platinum Toad has remote access to one-twelfth of the TOAD trading treasury. In the event of a successful trade, the Platinum Toad owner will be given 10% of the proceeds.

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Apecoin overview

Apecoin is the governance and utility token for the Bored Ape Yacht Club and associated networks. Given the enormous success of the Bored Ape Yacht Club brand, this airdrop has been among the most eagerly awaited in the NFT community. 

The project’s roadmap promises substantial upcoming increases in utility for token holders, primarily when used in conjunction with the underlying NFTs. With a marketplace, the possibility for games, and more, a large Apecoin boom is expected.

What’s Quant?

Quant is a service that facilitates data transfer between distributed ledgers (DLTs) by eliminating traditional impediments to such transfers. A distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a shared database that is updated in real-time and accessible to multiple users from different locations. 

The QNT token (Quant Network Token) is the platform’s original coin and can be exchanged for other ERC-20 tokens. However, it is not dependent on any blockchain and may easily migrate to others. QNT is a utility token governed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) that can be used to get access to a digital service or program.

Final takeaway

Now that we’re well into 2023, the cryptocurrency market has started to boom again, and altcoins are more popular than ever. And among many famous choices, DigiToads, Apecoin, and Quant are currently the most notable ones. 

While Bitcoin and Ethereum will undoubtedly maintain market dominance, altcoins have much more room to expand. By prioritizing development and expansion, these alternative cryptocurrencies truly have the potential to become industry leaders soon.

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