AlterVerse & BNB chain come together for virtual Easter Egg Hunt

The developer’s team at AlterVerse recently announced its partnership with BNB Chain to host a virtual Easter Egg Hunt campaign with a unique and exciting twist. 

It is an open invitation for all AlterVerse users to join in and have great fun. This partnership poses an excellent opportunity for AlterVerse players to join the community event and get a chance to win amazing prizes. 

The eggstatic Easter Egg Hunt will offer a whopping prize pool of tokens and NFTs worth 15,000 USDT and a grand draw worth 15,000 USDT on offer. 

To join the promotion, participants need to draw eggs and complete their given tasks on the DappBay platform during the 7-day event. The virtual Easter Egg Hunt will initiate on 3rd April 2023 till 9th April 2023. 

To join, users need to log onto the DappBay app and connect it to their digital wallet. Three egg drawing tickets will be offered daily. Users can either draw a Quiz egg or a Task egg. 

For every Quiz egg received, they will be offered a quiz on the Easter Egg Hunt and BNB Chain that needs to be completed. Upon completion, participants will be allowed to enter a raffle to claim prizes. Although the quiz may not be challenging to complete, it will need some basic knowledge about the Easter Egg Hunt and BNB Chain. 

For every task egg, participants will be given an exciting task to complete. Upon completion, users will be allowed to enter a raffle and claim prizes. Note that the tasks may not be challenging, but they certainly require effort on the part of the participants.

There are different prizes available such as BNB chain tokens, AlterVerse digital collectibles, and other USDT and NFTs prizes. The chances of winning increase as participants find more eggs. So without waiting, get out into the field and start Egg hunting. 

The Easter Egg Hunt challenge is fun and exciting for winning prizes. It is also an excellent way of learning more about the BNB Chain. 

To participate, follow the simple steps mentioned below – 

  • Log on to DappBay to connect your digital wallet. 
  • Get 3 egg drawing tickets every day. 
  • Draw a Quiz egg or a Task egg. 
  • Complete the quiz or task to enter the raffle. 
  • Win and claim prizes.

Easter Egg Hunt winners can claim the following prizes– 

  • AlterVerse digital collectibles 
  • BNB Chain tokens 
  • NFTs 
  • USDT stablecoins
  • And more!


Entering the Easter egg hunt is extremely simple. All users need to do is log on to the DappBay platform and connect to their respective digital wallets. There are no limits imposed on the number of eggs one can find, so head out and start hunting! 

AlterVerse and BNB Chain have added a twist to the hunt this year. Over and above the traditional quizzes and tasks, a few exciting and special events will also be held that will give an added chance for users to win more prizes.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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