AltLayer adds support for the NEAR Protocol’s DA layer

AltLayer has announced that it has added support for the DA Layer of NEAR Protocol to its roll-up offering. AltLayer chose to integrate NEAR because it facilitates transaction commitments from Ethereum L2. Users, thereby, can send batch transaction commitments securely to their smart contracts.

The DA layer of NEAR also has a reputation for being economical and housing a strong validator network. L2 solutions can be deployed in the most decentralized and cost-effective manner via the NEAR Protocol’s DA layer.

The development strengthens the case for the effectiveness and worthiness of the NEAR Protocol. Its native token, NEAR, is very much in the market and now carries capabilities for increased adoption at a higher rate. The token last exchanged hands at $1.88, experiencing a 1.99% jump in the last 24 hours.

NEAR Protocol has experienced a rise of ~40% in the last 30 days before November 10, 2023. The token was listed at $1.51 at that time.

The crypto market’s evolution from the shell of the winter season is largely credited to the rise of the NEAR Protocol and its token. NEAR Protocol has come up as an alternative for enthusiasts who are looking to expand their portfolios. NEAR DA, or NEAR Data Availability, has been launched specifically for developers in association with Madara by StarkNet, among others. The first users are Movement Labs, Vistara, and Fluent.

The tool is defined as a groundbreaking solution crafted to keep costs at the lowest possible level. NEAR DA empowers developers to build innovation at a gas fee that is predictable and negligible. Another reason why the NEAR Protocol will continue to gain momentum is because its roadmap has two components underlined – Experience and Core. Both are different from each other.

While Experience deals with real experience and features for developers, Core pertains to driving decentralization and the protocol’s scalability. BOS by NEAR is currently hosting a decentralized dApp store, with projects looking to leverage its potential to offer an improved experience to its users.

Moving forward, the NEAR Foundation is planning to work with Polygon Labs. They will build a ZK prover for the Wasm blockchain.

AltLayer is coming fresh from the successful conclusion of Rollup Frontier Day at Devconnect. The objective was to talk about rollup economics, staking, and interoperability, among other topics.

AltLayer and NEAR Protocol are perfect for each other, as both appreciate being economical. This is evident from the fact that NEAR DA is now 8,000x more economical than Ethereum DA, and AltLayer has acknowledged this by sharing the post.

The community has expressed excitement about AltLayer adding support for the NEAR Protocol’s DA layer. Members are saying that NEAR is now becoming a go-to DA solution for rollups. Others have said that they are bearish about AltLayer and the NEAR Protocol.

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