AltLayer introduces the second stage of ALT staking

AltLayer introduces the second stage of ALT staking, which will allow the dual staking function for users to stake ALT, along with ETH and LSTs. Dual stakers will come in for rewards from the forthcoming Xterio ecosystem rewards.

MACH functions as an AVS, wherein users can allocate ETH and LSTs. The economic collateral kept side for harnessing MACH is utilized to attest to the viability of the said rollup’s condition. This brings about a quick finality layer for rollups.

MACH, created as an overlay network, offers accelerated pre-confirmations and economic support through restocking.

In the way of finality, MACH provides to end users on the rollup, quick pre-confirmation for rollup transactions, crypto-economic safety and decentralized viability regarding rollup condition. 

Dual staking allows users to stake ALT tokens and ETH and LSTs to harness MACH. This brings together the advantages of staking ALT tokens and adds utility to ALT tokens when borrowing safety from ETH-oriented assets.

Dual staking has been executed differently from EigenLayer, with intentions of connecting it with EigenLayer AVS contracts and when EigenLayer brings backing for conventional dual staking for MACH AVSes. 

AltLayer is initiating dual stacking with Xterio MACH. The just-delivered Xterio MACH will act as the Xterio rollup.

Xterio is a top Web3 game publisher and platform with five AAA games and over 45 gaming associates. It claims to have a gaming community of two million users globally. It has also been instrumental in building a gaming NFT launchpad of repute. Xterio chain intends to concentrate on Web3 and AI-booted games and create an on-chain ecosystem revolving around AAA games.

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