AltLayer launches SDK for zkSync hyperchain deployment

AltLayer, a pioneering decentralized platform that allows rollup network building in collaboration with smart contract development giant Matter Labs, has finally been revealed, marking another significant success for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. By integrating Matter Labs’ ZK-rollup-based zkSync protocol, this agreement would boost Ethereum’s scalability and efficiency. AltLayer provides a platform with resources and architecture for developers and users to roll out utilizing its more advanced ZK Stack rollup SDK.

The name ZkSync has been associated with cutting-edge technology, resulting in two advantages: vastly faster transaction processing speed and significantly lower gas fees. This is a significant advantage for users because the procedure has become smoother and more efficient, providing them with a better and faster experience. zkSync launched ZK Stack, a modular architecture of ‘hyperchains’ that enables ZK-powered application-tailored products to be created on top of zkSync.

Hyperchains are a game changer, allowing for widespread adoption of decentralized apps (dApps) that rely on low latency, quick transactions, and large data collections. They apply to various domains of Web3’s operations, such as decentralized financing (DeFi), the gaming industry, and social media platforms.

The alliance between AltLayer and zkSync, a RaaS-based platform, aims to achieve a game-changing influence on economic development through hyperchain technology. Developers are provided with remote software with clear user interfaces, connectivity with third-party services, and configurable roll-up solutions, making creating, running, and binding programs easier. This partnership eliminates the need for the developer to deal with the challenges of constructing a proper rollup’s infrastructure on his own. As a result, it significantly costs operation and the infusion of creative genius into the dApp space on zkSync.

AltLayer also intends to introduce hyperchain-specific services, including account abstraction, indexing, and explorers, in conjunction with the Matter Labs team and additional third-party service providers. The collaborative effort between Matter Labs and AltLayer is a significant stride that reflects their shared objective of furnishing developers with an ample array of software tools to fabricate innovative and efficient products on the ZkSync platform.

Marco Cora, SVP of business and operations at Matter Labs, applauded AltLayer’s ability to create technologies that make it easier for the market to adapt to the continuously expanding blockchain ecosystem. Also, he strongly advised that the zkSync developers create high-quality tools to aid in this effort. He highlighted the RaaS Launchpad implementation, particularly by AltLayer, as the major engineering enabler, allowing developers to focus on inventing unique use cases on the ZK Stack rather than being sidetracked by layer-building issues.

AltLayer’s CEO, Yaoqi Jia, welcomed the agreement with enthusiasm, highlighting zkSync’s global user base and the revolutionary possibilities that may result if hyperchain technology superseded crypto-centric blockchains. He believes that merging their technological advancements will demonstrate how Hyperchain and AltLayer’s tools will work together to lead to powerful apps with a quick roll-out time on the ZK platform. The collaboration, an uncommon occurrence in the web3 community, propels the industry to new heights by defining a standard for scalability, efficacy, and developer support in the blockchain era.

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