Amasa-IoTeX Partner for Investment Streaming via IoT

IoTeX is a market leader in the blockchain-enabled network for IoT. It gives users a unique way to integrate their smart devices and other connected experiences without worrying about surveillance or encroachment of privacy. By using trusted dApps, IoTeX has introduced a category of Web 3.0 applications that enable users to earn digital worth in the form of assets or reputations from their real-world performances. The IoTeX token has connected the virtual world to the physical one. This ecosystem will soon allow the entry of millions of devices onto the blockchain, with great opportunities for data sharing and monetizing.

Amasa with IoTeX

This integration is aimed at an open 3.0 Web that will directly reward participants. This involves data creation and verification, followed by the connection of real-world happenings with blockchain applications. Pebble is an IoTeX product that generates real-world data feeds and connects with applications remotely, enabling transport, asset tracking, and automation of processes. This data can be accessed securely by interested data economies with minimal disruption. While IoTeX is busy aiding users in ownership of data streams, Amasa will help them generate revenue from those streams in innumerable ways.

Amasa has taken the responsibility of capturing and capitalizing on the wealth-building capabilities of micro income streams and DeFi. 

The world might soon see participants being rewarded for gaming, content, data, and other such interactions by the mass adoption of Web 3.0 platforms. Amasa is committed to building the first micro income stream investment app in the world. Thus, by integrating with IoT-powered IoTeX, Amasa is getting closer to its goal. The new world is poised for numerous income-generating opportunities.


Founded in 2017, IoTeX has come a long way in its journey. This unique open ecosystem is all-pervading and enables interactions between humans, businesses, machines, and dApps under trustworthy environs. It will soon empower a decentralized economy connecting the physical world to the blockchain, one block at a time.

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