T-Mobile and Sprint’s Boost Mobile Could be Bought by Amazon

Over the years, Amazon has created a sprawling empire with a hand in a range of pies, and much of that has been accomplished through strategic acquisitions. While it is true that it is often regarded as only an e-commerce company, it is necessary to the point that it is a tech company as well in its own right and has only become more aggressive over the past few years, with its Amazon Web Services product. In a new development, it has emerged that the company wants to acquire Boost Mobile from Spring Corp and T-Mobile, according to sources that are close to the situation. It is believed that when T-Mobile and Sprint complete their merger, then they might divest from Boost Mobile and Amazon are eager to acquire it, as they would then able to use the wireless network for around six years. In addition to that, it is believed that Amazon will also be eager to buy any spectrum from which the two companies might walk away after the merger.

However, no one is quite sure why Amazon actually wants to acquire a prepaid wireless service, and although people might have their doubts, this is the sort of acquisition that goes along with the company’s strategy over the last decades. They might have a long term plan which might not yet be clear to those who watch the company closely. For T-Mobile and Sprint, it is essential for them to sell the Boost Mobile brand to ensure that the anti-trust authorities do not take a dim view of their $26 billion mergers. It seems Amazon has managed to come in at a time when they could get the whole thing for an attractive price.

According to those, who are aware of the development with regards to the bidding process for Boost Mobile, the unit could be sold for around $3 billion and for a company like Amazon; it would not be a problem at all. However, if Amazon manages to pick some spectrum in the bargain, then it could be a different situation altogether and result in the company becoming an actual internet service provider.

Scott Cook

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