Amid SEC lawsuit, market drop by 78% on Binance.US, but DigiToads presale continues to rise

Following the recent actions of the SEC on the crypto market, the crypto market has suffered a harsh market situation. Some of the best cryptos on the Binance platform have lost their standings, and the market depth has plummeted by 78%. DigiToads (TOADS) presale success has exceeded expectations despite the SEC’s regulatory activities.

DigiToads is an innovative meme coin that promises excellent prospects for crypto investors. The DeFi project has maintained growing momentum in its presale rally as it aims for the moon. The TOADS token has shown impressive signals as the best meme coin to invest in to recover the losses from the SEC’s lawsuit.

This article will examine how DigiToads continues to impress investors as the top crypto to buy for a remarkable portfolio boost.

DigiToads has maintained excellent presale success

DigiToads is experiencing a remarkable presale rally with its unique ecosystem. The project comprises exciting features, which include an immersive gaming platform where users can earn rewards while playing and a unique staking platform. DigiToads has raised over $4.8 million in its presale rally. As it begins its Lilypad 8, the ambitious token is expected to cross over $5 million in the next couple of weeks.

DigiToads (TOADS) is positioned to be the top crypto to buy because it promises over a 500% portfolio increase for investors. The unique token has attracted several investors looking for tokens that will convert enormous gains, as the SEC’s lawsuit on the crypto market leaves a massive dent in some of the best cryptos in the market.

The DeFi project allows players to participate in an immersive play-to-earn (P2E) game where their talents and achievements are rewarded with TOADS tokens. With NFTs, players can have an enjoyable time on the platform. These cool NFTs have unique abilities that may be enhanced by purchasing in-game consumables such as potions, food, and equipment. 

This innovative crypto project has attracted a growing community of gamers and investors ready to grow their wealth. Users can also stake their TOADS tokens on the platform for further incentives. TOADS is an ERC-20 token that uses a deflationary mechanism to increase the coin’s value in the long run. Holders of TOADS tokens can earn exciting rewards when they stake their tokens. 

Users that stake their tokens contribute to the token’s trading power. Top traders will win greater incentives through monthly trading competitions. They will be eligible to win one of the twelve Platinum Toads year-round. Platinum Toads grant holders access to the Toads Treasury and let them vote on token decisions.

In addition, DigiToads is a community-driven project that allows users to learn from other users while competing for prizes and rewards, which may include cool NFTs on the platform. DigiToads offers monthly discounts to early investors looking to get involved in the fascinating ecosystem. Those who use the promo code “AMA15” will receive a 15% investment bonus. With its exciting utility features, DigiToads is an emerging meme coin that will take over the crypto market. 

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Binance is under threat as the SEC lawsuit intensifies

The Binance platform faces a fresh lawsuit from the SEC, which condemns its operation as illegal in the US. Due to this, the top exchange platform has witnessed a crash in market depth. The SEC’s action on Binance has shifted its focus and delisted some of the tokens on the platform. As the legal battle intensifies, Binance hopes to scale through and return to its trading ways.

Final words

The regulation of the SEC has pulled the crypto market down, and many coins are beginning to suffer a crash in price. DigiToads has shown an impressive presale rally. The meme coin has much staking potential because it greatly rewards traders. Investors looking to convert substantial gains amid volatile market conditions can turn to this highly rewarded cryptocurrency. Crypto experts predict that the presale success of this coin is an indication that it is a worthy investment for long-term returns.

For more information on DigiToads, visit the website, join the presale, or join the community for regular updates.

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