Amidst market volatility, Bitgert coin demand skyrockets – Here’s the lowdown

It is surprising to see a newcomer like Bitgert enjoying the attention in a time like this, where Bitcoin is all the rage. With the price climbing as high as over 400% in a short while, what could investors see in Bitgert causing the high demand? 

The number one quality of being a successful investor is to discover the asset with potential earlier than the crowd, with the current high demand for Bitgert BRISE. It means investors are seeing what you might not be seeing yet. But, on a more critical look, here are some factors that could be contributing to this high demand Bitgert is currently enjoying.

High-Level Security Against Attack

Investors are smart! Nobody will invest in a project that does not guarantee the safety of the money invested. Blockchain projects are common for vulnerability attacks, but the Bitgert team understands this challenge well, hence the priority on security. 

This guarantee of safety is one step closer to winning the hearts of investors than most other altcoin projects currently in existence.

Smart Partnership Move with Industry Players

One of the best moves in any industry is to identify the big players and win them over. This strategy benefits the team by allowing them to learn better tricks about the industry and increases the project’s trust. Currently, Bitgert is engaging quite a number of the established players in the industry to increase adoption and long-term sustainability.

If that sounds too complicated, it simply means that the steps Bitgert is taking can make you rest assured that even in the next ten years, Bitgert will have only gotten better. 

A Utility-Driven Growth

Real-life problem-solving and use cases influence all the growth and price surges that Bitgert is experiencing. Unlike other speculative assets, Bitgert BRISE has implemented features that make it a sought-after asset, contributing to the high demand.

Some features leading this utility-driven growth include:

  • A breakneck transaction speed of up to 100,000 Transactions Per Second
  • A price action with a high potential for a long bullish run
  • Zero gas fee on all transactions
  • A continuous 12% burn rate to keep reducing the total Bitgert BRISE supply

You don’t need Warren Buffet or Elon Musk to convince you again before you realize this is a project to get on as early as possible. The factors are there, and the statistics favor the Bitgert BRISE coin. You need to get on board to be one of those enjoying the gains.

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Mark Peterson

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