Amidst the Bearish Trend, Bitcoin SV Focuses on Solving Fundamental Issues

In the latest statement, Bitcoin SV’s CEO stated that the developers are looking into core issues related to compliance, scalability, security, reliability, and practicality of the chain. Further, Anypay has announced that they will accept payments in Bitcoin SV at their WordPress store. After the installation of new plugins, users can now pay in BSV at WooCommerce stores as well. On Centbee app, one can now trade BSV and further pay at local stores all over South Africa.

BSV Price Comparison

As a standard procedure, let’s compare the variation in BSV throughout 25-days. On September 09, the crypto was trading at 127.85 USD. From there, it declined by a huge margin and is trading with a dip of 35.32%. However, in the weekly trading, the coin has remained stable and broke down by a small value of 2.16% from the level of 84.47 USD on September 29. Yesterday was also a similar trading day, where the coin went down by 2.12% from the opening price of 84.96 USD and finally wrapped the day at 83.16 USD.

Bitcoin SV Price
Bitcoin SV Chart By TradingView

Based on the Bitcoin SV price prediction, it can be determined that the movement of the coin is deeply linked with the action in BTC. The crypto is valued at 0.0101793 BTC per chip. Currently, the coin is in the red zone, but it is expected to make a bounce back soon. For now, there is immediate resistance for the coin at 84.86 USD and support at 81.64 USD.

Not to forget that BSV is one of the reliable versions of Bitcoin. The focus of the chain on fundamentals will further consolidate the sentiments of the community. Meanwhile, it is an optimum time for investors to buy.

Mehak Punjabi

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