Amino Rewards uses Chainlink CCIP for cross-chain token transfers

Amino Rewards has integrated Chainlink CCIP to leverage its Simplified Token Transfer capabilities and provide cross-chain AMO token transfers between ETH and BNB. Chainlink CCIP is a landmark established to guarantee interoperability between chains on the main nets of the Ethereum and BNB Chains. 

Cross-chain brings about the ability to connect with added liquidity and further their user base, offering connectivity and involvement options to the community. Added to that, it builds upon Amino’s user exposure by providing speedier transactions along with lesser fees, attracting users towards their loyalty scheme. 

Andrew Shore, the chief executive officer of Amino Rewards, asserts that the organization’s emphasis is on loyalty programs associated with the financial and health sectors. For this purpose, an upgradeable framework that is robust is required. The rationale behind the decision to integrate Chainklink CCIP was to address concerns related to the security and reliability of their initiatives and users.

Chainlink serves as the standard by which decentralized computing platforms enhance the credibility of the web. Chainlink has facilitated a substantial number of transactions by providing connectivity with real-time data, off-chain computation, and secure cross-chain interoperability across all blockchains to financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Chainlink facilitates the expansion of high-level markets and authenticated applications in banking, DeFi, international commerce, gaming, and numerous other verticals. On the contrary, Amino Rewards is a tokenized loyalty program that promotes health and fitness and raises users’ awareness concerning their purchasing habits and physical activity levels.

Roxanne Williams

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