Amulet Protocol forges collaboration with FYEO

Amulet Protocol takes an enormous amount of pride in coming out with its official announcement of having forged an exclusive collaboration with FYEO, which is an absolute top-of-the-line cybersecurity organization. They are actively involved with Web3, as well as artificial intelligence and decentralized technologies pertaining to the safeguarding of various businesses as well as individuals from cyber-related problems. They are the providers of all-inclusive solutions which come into the fold, aspects such as security audits, as well as the tracking of real-world hazards, along with decentralized identity management. 

According to information released by the company, in the year 2022 itself, there has been an increase in phishing threats by more than 61%, whereas, in the case of phishing campaigns, there has been a rise of 482%. In order to address these issues of security risks, FYEO has been instrumental in delivering a free extension called the FYEO Agent, where Google Chrome and Brave are concerned. 

It has been closely observed by security experts that there has been a substantial increase in threats related to phishing, with the masterminds achieving their goals in a determined way. In order to effectively counter this situation, FYEO Agent, which is basically an extension, is into the utilization of its FISKO AI, along with deep learning, which has been beneficial in being able to identify shady phishing websites right at the initial phase of going through browsing. 

The functions that come with the free extension include real-world browser phishing safeguards. Alerts are forwarded in the case of disclosed identity. There is self-learning as well as self-rectifying options. The highlighting fact is that it is absolutely user-friendly. This is the way forward in terms of arming oneself against cyberbullying. 

Roxanne Williams

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