Ancient Redwood by Splinterlands: New addition to Riftwatchers airdrop

Splinterlands recently announced its new Riftwatchers card for airdrop, the Ancient Redwood. Users can claim this Earth element card after 1 million Riftwatcher gems are sold. With almost 260,000 players, it is one of the world’s top-rated and largely played NFT games. The cards are segregated into 7 elements- water, earth, fire, life, dragon, death, and neutral.

The game released the information on Splintertalk and Twitter at the same time. According to the tweet, the first 1 million users will have a 0.44% chance of winning the card. Every 225 packs guarantee one of these legendary Ancient Redwood cards.

Besides this, every Ancient Redwood card has a 4% probability of being the gold foil variation. Seeing how Splinterlands stands among the top crypto games, the release will entice even more players to try it. 

As per the Splinterlands lore, Ancient Redwood is a character of legendary caliber. One of the many rumors about the characters reveals that Redwood was the sole nut that dropped from the elder tree. 

As an Earth-type legendary card with 11 Mana, Redwood possesses a powerful ranged attack, True Strike. It also boasts a reflection shield against indirect and reflected damage.

Besides that, the character possesses Fury, inflicting double damage to targets that have taunted. Maxing out the character will allow Redwood to pierce through enemies’ armor. Before the card was announced, Splinterlands showcased an impressive tally of 260,000 daily active players.

The NFT trading card game attracts thousands of users as it allows them to fight against each other to win rewards. It also offers an in-game currency, DEC (Dark Energy Crystals), that can be exchanged for fiat currencies on DEXs, like Pancakeswap.

Trevor Holman

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