Ancient8 partners with Supra to enhance Web3 gaming on Ethereum

Ancient8 forges an exclusive collaboration with Supra, which will strengthen gaming studios by providing tools for games on Ethereum. 

The incorporation has been done with Supra’s DORA price feeds within Ancient8’s chain, offering connectivity with correct and dependable price data related to multiple assets like cryptocurrencies and others. This strengthens builders in the Ancient8 ecosystem to create better Web3 game apps. 

Supra is a top oracle service provider, pitching an all-inclusive array of data feeds and oracle solutions targeting Web3. Their items help builders to create quicker, dependable, and interoperable blockchain apps. This comes with DORA, Supra dVRF, and IntraLayer. 

In the case of game builders, they benefit from quicker building abilities, as well as improved game structure, cross-chain interoperability, and enhanced safety features. 

Where gamers are concerned, they come in for better gaming exposure, high safety factors, and fresh play-to-earn options. 

Using Supra’s new age services, Ancient8 intends to further data towards its ecosystem, resulting in improved potential for building quick and harnessed on-chain games on its chain. This collaboration will be the starting point for achieving landmark inventiveness within the Web3 arena. 

Supra is the absolute leader in coming out with upgradable and safe Web3 solutions. This comes with accelerated transactions and provides an all-inclusive builder toolkit, such as relevant guidelines and technical whitepapers.

Ancient8 is involved in creating an ETH gaming layer 2 with the help of OP stack. They provide an array of Web3 gaming framework toolkits that act as an allocation and promotional avenue targeting the international gaming space. Through the Space3 game publishing base, Ancient8 Gaming Guild, Reneverse Web3 advertising engine, A8ID, and Gisu Network, the company intends to rope in many players to WEb3 gaming.

Trevor Holman

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