Angelic and ImmutableX collaborate for increased accessibility of Web3 gaming

Angelic, a brainchild of Metaverse Gaming Studios Inc, has announced plans to expand its accessibility and operations in collaboration with ImmutableX. Angelic will leverage the Zk-rollup technology to fully empower players to own in-game assets. Angelic will continue to leverage the security of the Ethereum blockchain.

Other benefits that ImmutableX brings to the table are:-

  • Seamless user experience
  • Easy onboarding process
  • Option to purchase Angelic assets through major Credit Cards
  • 9,000 transactions every second
  • Full carbon-neutral non-fungible tokens

Therefore, it is evident that the main aim of Angelic is to give Web3 gaming opportunities to traditional gamers so they can enjoy all the gaming experiences and moments present in the Web3 market. Benefits are on top of those that Angelic already provides. The cinematic-level visual quality and the power of blockchain are the benefits that aim to provide a good experience to all gamers, irrespective of their presence being on Web2 and Web3.

Web3 gaming adoption is in everyone’s eyes. However, that is a convenient option to implement widely only if the accessibility is as seamless as the gaming experience. Collaboration has been very important, with no reason why it will not work for Angelic and ImmutableX.

While technology is important, stakeholders involved in the expansion process have noted that highlighting the benefits of Web3 is equally crucial. They will do away with the technical jargon to ensure that everyone understands the root and its growth in the Web3 segment.

The same approach has worked for Reddit, NBA TopShot, and Ticketmaster. Angelic is an RPG that centers around dark science fiction. Players in the virtual world can choose their gaming mode – Single Player Story or Multiplayer Metaverse.

Choosing the latter brings a few more game features into the picture. For instance, players can form guilds to establish control over a particular region, design their weapons, and collect resources, among many other activities. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Web2 players enjoy the gameplay in the Web3 environment.

Angelic was previously deployed on Solana and Ethereum blockchains. It is built on Unreal Engine 5 specifically to leverage the power of blockchain.

Anastasia Volgemut, the Director of Operations at Angelic, has expressed excitement about finding a new partner with the same values. Anastasia has stated that ImmutableX will allow them to avail themselves of the benefits of gas-free minting and secure solutions.

The game is in the early stages of development, with over 170,000 registrations on the official website. The platform achieved this feat in merely 27 days.

The development follows the announcement by Metaverse Gaming Studios, revealing that the venture raised a $10 million seed round. Animoca Brand, Everyrealm, and Pantera Capital led it.

Funds raised in the seed round are estimated to be utilized to grow and deliver a seamless experience at Angelic. With the new objectives for the partnership of Angelic and ImmutableX announced, one can expect the bridge between Web2 and Web3 to gain more strength in the coming days.

Trevor Holman

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