Anichess partners with Team Secret to revolutionize chess in esports

Anichess, a subordinate of Animoca Brands and a specific game (related to Chess) which is developed due to cooperation between and Magnus Carlsen, who is renowned for being a 5-time world chess champion, has just announced its partnership with Team Secret, a prominent and burgeoning international esports brand. The objective of this partnership is to bring together competitive gaming with Web3 technologies. As part of this collaboration, Team Secret’s Chief Executive Officer, John Yao, will assume the position of a counselor.

This traditional Web3 game, which largely relies on Chess, introduces new tactics through spells that unlock innovative tactics and gameplay constituents, never considered before. It compels players to reassess the conventions that apply to classic Chess to make sense of the intricate tapestry woven into the world. Anichess recently completed a round of investment worth USD 1.8M, headed by Sfermion and Amber Group; Fenbushi Capital, Aspen Digital, and SNZ Capital, among others, participated.

Team Secret is a recognized international esports company that unites top gamers who compete on a global scale. The brand also offers ultimate entertainment experiences for its fans. Advertising banners or sponsorship packages are some of the services provided by this brand. The brand offers talent development programmes for teams and individuals involved in the business management functions or coaching roles for both pro gamers and up-and-coming stars around the Esports industry.

This merger between Anichess and Team Secret will help make Chess an ultimate and unique Esport by creating a fresh platform for young internet-based chess prodigies to engage each other while playing and learning. Anichess will partner with Team Secret to obtain game design insights and attract eSports fans to this captivating game in readiness for the player-versus-player (PvP) mode premiere in Q2 2024.

“This modernization from which we derive our legacy always made E-sport vital,” exclaimed Brian Chan, the head at Anichess. “Anichess is defined by its captivating visuals, enhancement tools, and exhilarating spells, and this is the best platform for every competitor regardless of their background in Chess. We eagerly anticipate welcoming those ready to embrace the challenge when the PvP mode launches in-game shortly.”

“Despite being around for so long, chess’s Esports scene is only starting to develop.” Team Secret CEO John Yao notes this. He also says, “Anichess adds an interesting twist to the traditional game with its complex tactics and more recognition to creative players who can think out of the box.” Anichess marks my entry into the Esports domain, thereby connecting this new chess platform with our avid followers.”

Those interested in playing Anichess should visit for free, as PvP mode is coming soon. For updates about future developments, you can follow them on Twitter or join their Discord server.

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