Animoca Brands and Saakuru Labs unite to push Southeast Asian Web3 gaming

Animoca Brands has announced a partnership with Saakuru Labs. The objective is to promote the adoption and integration of blockchain technology at Saakuru Labs. This is anticipated to contribute to the expansion of the Web3 gaming industry globally, particularly in Southeast Asia, where the collaboration officially commences. It involves engaging Web3 games developed with the Saakuru Protocol within the Animoca Brands ecosystem.

Both partners bring imperative elements to the table. For instance, Animoca Brands will extend the gaming titles to its partners, while Saakuru Labs will enable Animoca Brands to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia. Developers, on the other hand, are on neutral ground, with access to faster development and gasless transactions.

Gasless transactions are imperative because the market is known for residents with lower incomes in comparison to other parts of the world. Southeast Asia further demonstrates a hardcore interest in adopting blockchain technology and Web3 games. The market is expected to grow in the times to come.

Developers will also be able to integrate all of the critical functionalities into their titles, including, but not limited to, infrastructure components. Traditional gaming could see a major upgrade, as the developer of the consumer-centric L2 Saakuru Protocol has committed to allowing major integrations of Web3 components into the said segment. As a result, the transition from traditional gaming to Web3 gaming will be seamless—just like the gaming experience.

Yat Siu, the Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, has described gaming as one of the cornerstones of the evolution of the Internet and open metaverse, adding that Southeast Asia is poised to lead in the adoption of Web3 technologies.

Jack Vinijtrongjit, the Chief Executive Officer of Saakuru Labs, highlighted the power of their platform by saying that it will be seamless to engage with multi-player gaming titles without any lag or transaction fees. The development comes days after Saakuru Labs announced a partnership with Aethir. The goal was to enhance blockchain gaming by leveraging GPU infrastructure. It essentially maintained two giants from AI and gaming, joining hands to improve blockchain games’ speed, quality, and experience.

The partnership between Animoca Brands and Saakuru Labs follows the same line, except the aim is to boost adoption in a specific market, Southeast Asia.

Saakuru Labs is already looking for a great start. Several partners of Animoca Brands have come forward, expressing their commitment to adopting the gasless protocol. These include the likes of GameGPT, W3GG, and

Experts have identified gaming as an ideal segment to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology and advance the principles of Web3 gaming. Gaming, for example, has become a mainstream form of entertainment. Second, Internet users are more inclined to explore technology if it seamlessly integrates with its previous version’s traditional nature.

Moving forward, the outcome of their partnership is expected to show results in the next quarter, or at the very least by the end of this year.

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