Animoca Brands and T&B Media collaborate to boost the Web3 ecosystem

Animoca Brands established a strategic partnership with T&B Media Global in order to concentrate on a multi-level engagement. This will begin with cross-promotions of NFTs acquired from the Mocaverse of Animoca Brands and the Mittaria of T&B.

Animoca Brands is engaged in the promotion of digital property rights pertaining to the open metaverse and gaming, whereas T&B Media Global, a leading intellectual property (IP) firm, develops entertainment technologies and narrative techniques.

The initial stage of the association will be a cross-promotion between Animoca Brands’ Mocaverse and T&B’s ecosystem and NFTs, Mittaria, to increase their acceptance.

Furthermore, both organizations will investigate possibilities on LightLink, an Ethereum-based network that is elite, secure, and upgradable. This is in an effort to capitalize on their potential and promote global recognition of digital property rights.

As per the statement made by Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, the integration of the Mittiria and Mocaverse ecosystems will enable the company to expand the accessibility of its unique NFT collections and ensure a greater degree of interoperability.

T&B Media Global has formed partnerships in the past with The Sandbox and currently with its parent company, Animoca Brands, according to the organization’s founder and chief executive officer, Dr. Jwanwat Ahriyavraromp. As a result, a network of interoperable Web3 potential will be established.

Animoca Brands is a company that establishes the open metaverse by distributing digital property rights to users worldwide via blockchain technology. Life Beyond, PHANTOM GALAXIES, The Sandbox, and Crazy Defense Heroes are among the many titles that it has developed and published.

T&B Media Global is involved in creativity. The team comes with storytellers and creativity, bringing about advanced inventiveness. 


Mittaria is an inventive Web3 ecosystem that is initiating a total change in the NFT metaverse and the gaming space. It is involved in animation, which helps strengthen developers’ ability to introduce an all-inclusive and exciting exposure to their audience.

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