Animoca Brands announces its NFT collection Mocaverse to empower the Web3 sphere

Animoca Brands made a formal announcement of its NFT collection Mocaverse. Mocaverse has 8,888 NFTs. Each NFT is known as Mocas, belonging to a tribe. Each of the Mocas belongs to any of the five tribes: Builders, Dreamers, Angels, Neo-Capitalists, and Connectors. Furthermore, the owners of Mocas will enjoy several advantages, like playing together and learning together. Furthermore, Mocaverse has been made to strengthen the relationship between the partners, portfolios, and the cross-collaborations of Animoca Brands.

This very PFP NFT collection has been formulated with the aim and intention of powerfully boosting the ecosystem of Web3 of the company, along with all of the metaverse-oriented projects it presently has. Incidentally, the NFT collection Mocaverse stands for the intrinsic beliefs and ideals of the Animoca brands, together with all of its portfolio companies and the existing partnerships it has formed down the line. As per the information received, the collection awaits due delivery sometime in the first quarter of 2023. 

According to the co-founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, the company is actively and proportionately spread into almost all parts of the globe and, simultaneously, all over the virtual world. In his viewpoint, all of its connected and concerned members are creators in a league of their own. Together, they are in the process of making all possible improvisations related to Web3. In retrospect, they are also playing their part in providing the ultimate shape of this coveted space.

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