Animoca Brands announces strategic agreement with Farcana

Animoca Brands has announced entering into a strategic agreement with Farcana, a Web3 team arena shooting game. It is yet to be released, but the game has started making the buzz for all the right reasons. A partnership with Animoca Brands signals the commitment with which it wants to serve the gaming community.

Farcana has called this a significant milestone. It will enable them to revolutionize the way one looks at a shooting game. Technically speaking, the strategic agreement will allow Farcana to embrace the Bitcoin prize system dedicatedly for eSports while integrating strategic character abilities.

Animoca Brands, a venture in digital property rights for metaverse & gaming, has further acknowledged that there are certain key areas where the partnership will be fruitful. This includes optimizing token economics, or tokenomics, and the go-to-market strategy for Web3.

Breaking them down, one understands that it is all about the expertise and experience of Animoca Brands, making them the ideal partner in the agreement.

The same has been highlighted by them in the announcement, wherein they have stated that the extensive experience makes them well-positioned to assist Farcana in their endeavors. Not just experience but its large network in the industry is also said to have worked in its favor. Combining both, Farcana is now set to receive assistance that will help the brand to offer a better experience to its players.

That will be complemented by seamlessly onboarding gamers in the ecosystem of Web3. They will be supported with a rewarding experience and an immersive experience.

Animoca Brands is tasked in the partnership with bringing balance and higher engagement in the gameplay. Therefore, it will have its focus on analyzing and refining the reward system plus the in-game economy. This is likely to be done through stress testing of the token economics and gameplay.

Ilman Shazhaev, the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Farcana, has said that they are thrilled to have Animoca Brands as their strategic partner. Adding that this is a major step in achieving the mission through the deep understanding of Animoca Brands in blockchain gaming tokenomics and the market.

They have highlighted that Animoca Brands will help them to offer a great experience to players.

Farcana, in the words of Ilman, has been able to develop a strong product for the market. This is evident from the stat that they have registered nearly 30,000 players following the completion of the public playtest. They are confident that this is a strong welcome for them in the market due to a strong, sustainable design of Web3 economy and game.

With the strategic partnership between Animoca Brands and Farcana in play, Animoca Brands has assured the gaming community that they can look forward to having a highly competitive tactical shooter experience. The partnership is gaining momentum for the Deloitte Tech Fast winner and the upcoming shooter game.

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