Animoca Brands becomes TON Blockchain’s largest validator

TON Foundation is ecstatic to have received the authentication of The Open Network (TON) Blockchain from Animoca Brands. Animoca Brands is an organization that has been involved in furthering digital rights, targeting the gaming and open metaverse. It also contributes to the progress of third-party gaming and GameFi projects in the TON ecosystem. The deal was initiated by Manuel Stotz of Kingsway Capital.

Animoca Brands put in a lot of time and effort to perform extensive research before deciding to invest in TON’s ecosystem. Animoca Brands released two research papers to understand how TON Blockchain can accelerate the mainstream adoption of crypto. They emphasize the user-friendliness of TON-oriented dApps as well as the upgradeability of the TON Blockchain. This, they believe, will help broaden the community. In addition, it aligns with the TON Foundation’s goal of bringing crypto to the masses. With this in mind, Animoca Brands has created an analytics dashboard that displays the most important factors influencing TON’s expansion. 

Through this partnership, both entities will be able to effortlessly engage existing Web3 users in cutting-edge and innovative Web3 mini-applications that have substantial use case value. This shows that both firms are committed to simplifying the Web2 to Web3 transition.

TON Play is a TON-focused gaming framework project created to support Animoca Brands. TON Play provides the structure and services for TON-developed gaming projects delivered on Telegram via a web app. The TON Toolkit ensures that the development of Blockchain-based games is innovative for many types of developers. TON Play offers novel ways to retain Telegram’s 800 million subscribers by providing inventive initiatives through their Telegram web applications. TON Play provides the necessary infrastructure and services to deliver gaming projects in TON and enables a straightforward method of moving Animoca Brands collection of over 400 Web3 projects within Telegram. 

According to Justin Hyun, Director of Growth at the TON Foundation, Animoca Brands funding will assist them in opening the doors to a futuristic Blockchain-centered game. Through the agreement, they will provide Web3 to Telegram users, primarily targeting the gaming space and reaching out to an international audience.

According to Yat Siu, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, their next goal is to pull in more than a million Web3 users. This will be accomplished by moving them from Web2 to Web3. According to him, the agreement with TON will help them advance their business objectives quickly and steadily by exposing Web3 to the mainline players.  

Animoca Brands, a market leader in Web3, is utilizing Blockchain technology to provide digital property rights to clients around the world. This is for establishing the open metaverse. The firm also creates and publishes a variety of products and games, including The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES, and many others. 


The Open Network (TON) is a global decentralized Blockchain community whose primary goal is to bring crypto to the mainstream. TON’s mission is to encourage 800 million people to take ownership of their digital identity, data, and assets by 2028 by developing the Web3 ecosystem in Telegram Messenger. 

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