Animoca Brands collaborates with Hooked Protocol

Animoca Brands, a company that promotes digital property rights in the case of gaming and the metaverse, has successfully forged a strategic collaboration with Hooked Protocol. The latter is an all-inclusive edutainment network that is actively involved in the mass acceptance of Web3. Through this tactical collaboration, both entities will be undertaking new, pathbreaking education and entertainment coupled activities and trends while empowering the Web3 ecosystem and pushing for the acceptance of the Web3 framework in terms of an almost unending number of Web2  users of the Internet.

Hooked has proved the potential of a gamified network for open learning in Web3 applied education with the help of its products, as well as its connected community, which comprises more than three million users on a monthly basis. By bringing together the network of Intellectual Properties (IPs) belonging to Animoca Brands and the absolute new-age AIGC (AI-generated content) technology belonging to Hooked, both entities will be working towards offering innovative Web3 exposures and education entertainment-related content. 

They will also promote the mass acceptance of Web3 with the assistance of offbeat content, which brings together education as well as entertainment. They will be providing Web3-based information stemming from IP content. To achieve this, they will utilize the portfolio of IPs in Animoca Brands’ platform ecosystem resources and stable content and Hooked’s Web3 community, product skills, and AI-based solutions. 

According to the Chairman and Co-Founder of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, the collaboration will make it possible to build a fresh set of values and also help in furthering the overall development of their ecosystem through the utilization of Web3 and AI framework. In the bargain, the digital material and education-based exposure will be uplifted. So far as the Founder and CEO of Hooked, Jason Y, is concerned, their positioning will get the required boost in terms of being a top Web3 gamified social education platform.

Animoca Brands is a top digital entertainment blockchain and a top name in gamification. Its aim and intention are to promote digital property rights and play an active role in setting up the open metaverse. The entity is also involved in developing and publishing an entire array of products and games, such as Phantom Galaxies, The Sandbox, Life Beyond, and many more. Some products like Disney, WWE, and others use intellectual properties. 

On the other hand, Hooked Protocol is an all-inclusive edutainment network targeting hordes of people and connecting them with Web3. Its ultimate aim and intention are to be able to create further acceptance of Web3 with the help of all-inclusive and gamified social learning exposures. 

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