Animoca Brands Help Highstreet Redefine Metaverse Life Through Home Sales

A partnership between Animoca Brands and Highstreet World, the top retail-focused metaverse currently being developed as an MMORPG, will result in the “Initial Home Offering” (IHO) of 5,000 futuristic All-Terrain Trailers.

Highstreet users will be able to buy these residences, representing the next development in the formation of Highstreet World’s metaverse and carrying forward the goal of fusing the narratives and exploits of established brands with those of Web3 ecosystems to lay the groundwork for the upcoming years of commerce.

The Animoca Archipelago, an area in Highstreet World with intricate implementations with gameplay from Animoca Brands’ ecosystem in addition to an esports league, is also made public as part of the IHO, offering new opportunities to join a sizable, interconnected gaming community.

Furthermore, by incorporating the portfolio companies of Animoca Brands, this strategic alliance leaves open fresh opportunities to expand Highstreet World significantly. As even more features are created, this will promote implementation and involvement in the Highstreet World metaverse.

Permissioning will start in August for the forthcoming IHO. Via Highstreet’s own global market, the formal minting would then actually occur. Information about how to participate will be released via Highstreet’s Twitter, Telegram, and Discord social media channels.

In terms of creating user components for meta-living, Highstreet World is far ahead of the curve. Anyone anywhere can join a vibrant, imaginative metaverse community in Highstreet’s common virtual world.

Openness and interoperability in the metaverse are priorities for Animoca. For them, investing in Highstreet is thrilling because it combines brand names from the Web3 and conventional online realms and enables asset transfer between them. They are eager to bring their many communities and many others together in one location by creating the Animoca Archipelago in Highstreet World.

Following a recent sale held on the Binance NFT exchange, where total trading activity exceeded US$10 million, and the ground is presently at 250% of the mint cost, this IHO with Animoca Brands was conducted.

The properties for sale will form a part of the metaverse known as Highstreet World, which comprises locales with distinctive characteristics.

The Animoca Archipelago, a group of islands off the coast of Solera, the main land mass of Highstreet World, is one of these areas. The Animoca Archipelago is a channel of islands, each of which stands for a play or brand owned by Animoca Brands or in which it has invested. These include a number of other initiatives, as well as REVV Motorsport, LayerZero, ApeCoin, and PSG Talon.

Numerous multiverse-influenced video games, brand names, and intellectual property coexist peacefully in the Animoca Archipelago. Within this vast area, users can engage in novel user interactions using models and investments from other projects. Furthermore, by taking down beasts in the archipelago, Highstreet World players will also be able to farm experience points.

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