Animoca Brands Japan & Apas Port launch a digital toy platform, ‘Cryptoys’

Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port collaborate to introduce Cryptoys. OnChain Studios is the creator of this innovative digital toy platform. All Japanese collectors can expect surreal exposure from this innovative digital toy platform.

Crytoys are high-end digital toys that link toys with entertainment to build an extensive entertainment-related space for collectors. They come with a set of characters called Zoo-F-O Escape. Added to that are the endearing characters from the Star Wars stable, Mickey and Friends, as well as Masters of the Universe.

The first thing that happens on the Cryptoys platform is the unveiling of a blind-pack cube. After that, a digital collection will begin, and a blister pack will be released. Immersive 3D animated settings based on well-known and lesser-known brands and character lines serve as the unboxing experiences. Those who are inclined will be able to keep their toys while also opening them to reveal the numerous animated figures.

Animoca Brands Japan and Apas Port plan to create multiple exercises to further the attraction towards the newly introduced exposure.

According to the CEO of OnChain Studio, Will Weinraub, Crytoys already seems to have caught the attention of the Japanese market. They expect them to gain immense popularity with the passing of time and will create further inventive factors to keep the intrigue quotient high.

According to Daisuke Iwase, chief executive officer of Animoca Brands Japan, it is a fantastic opportunity presented to them by the associations formed to market Cryptos, and they will be focusing on leveraging the different benefits that come with them.

In the words of Apas Port’s CEO, Daisuke Sasaki, this new inventive collection that has been created and introduced will go a long way in supporting the furthering of Web3. There will be a fascinating utilization of Web3 technology that will transform the way toys are viewed forever.

Animoca Brands Japan is an affiliate of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, which is a top internationally acclaimed Web3 enterprise. Animoca Brands Japan was set up to provide backing to international Web3 projects with regard to intellectual properties and content verticals such as publishers, brands, sports teams, and various others.

Cryptoys serves as a platform housing an unparalleled assortment of digital toys that provide both amusement and play. OnChain Studios was founded to unite, entertain, and strengthen the world’s new generation of digital toy collectors.


Apas Port is an innovative firm with big plans to bring “kandou” to the blockchain and smart contracts.

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