Animoca Brands Japan and San FranTokyo deepen their ties with Cool Cats

Animoca Brands has announced a partnership with San FranTokyo and Cool Cats, saying that the partnership further deepens their association. They will now collectively work to expand the presence of Cool Cats in the markets of Japan and anime.

Animoca Brands has entered into the partnership by purchasing equity shares of Cool Cats. San FranTokyo, on the other hand, has bought all the non-fungible tokens of its collection from the secondary market. Animoca Brands believes this highlights the potential and recognition of Cool Cats worldwide, further shedding light on key initiatives under the collaboration.

This includes Cool Cats Manga, Brand Expansion, Collection Acquisition, and Integration with San FranTokyo. Cool Cats Manga brings a blend of yomikiri and the storied manga tradition. A manga artist from Japan will craft it. Collection Acquisition pertains to ensuring that stories narrated honor the original source IP. Acquisition of NFTs for its treasury has been built around main characters, namely Chugs, Blue, Jo, and Ardi. Items acquired are Shadow Wolves, Cool Cats, and SideKX NFTs.

The brand expansion aims to spread the word about Cool Cats throughout the Japanese market. Animoca Brands and San FranTokyo are now tasked with helping Cool Cats establish relations with some of the most prominent organizations in Japan. Practices that they are expected to follow are traditional merchandising and licensing opportunities. An integration with San FranTokyo includes activities like interactive efigurine drops and aligning market efforts.

Daisuke Iwase, the Chief Executive Officer of Animoca Brands Japan, has said that the partnership is more than about business growth, adding that it encompasses the aspects of cultural understanding, exchange, and tapping into the world of digital and artistic realm of Japan, which is recognized all over the world.

Clon, the Founder of Cool Cats, has highlighted that the community is in everything Cool Cats represents. Clon has further expressed their excitement, establishing that the objective is to develop new ways of engagement and inspiration for audiences in Japan.

David Taing, the Co-Founder of San FranTokyo, has said that the collaboration is more than strategic, adding that it is visionary. Also known as DT, David has declared that they are bringing together the elements of worlds, ideas, styles, and industries plus technologies to introduce a new level of collaboration.

The development comes days after Animoca Brands announced a strategic partnership with NEOM, facilitating investment in the venture to help drive growth in its Web3 segment.

San FranTokyo has acknowledged that Cool Cats IP has recognition across the globe, adding that they are excited to witness the huge potential of the brand. SFT is confident that the partnership will fetch results in the coming years, saying it is an essential step in their long-term vision.

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