Animoca Brands Japan boosts its growth via Nine Chronicles M

Animoca Brands, through its strategic subsidiary, Animoca Brands Japan, has expressed commitment to the growth of the market and the brand in the region. It is bringing forward support in the form of None Chronicles M. Its NFT pieces are scheduled to go live on April 3, 2024, at Coincheck NFT. Known as D:CC, an acronym for De: Centralized Cat, NFTs come with a chance to be utilized as a user’s profile picture, an in-game item, and a digital piece that can be exchanged for tokens.

The goal is to continue supporting the global expansion of Japan’s intellectual property and content in the Web3 domain. There is a high demand for Japan’s unique culture in the region. This pertains to manga, games, and anime, among others. They have a strong affinity within the boundaries of Web3 and often pose an opportunity for foreign companies and projects to advance their growth.

Animoca Brands Japan pledged sponsorship for Blowfish Studios in March 2024. That was to conduct NFT sales for Phantom Galaxies, a blockchain game, on the αU market, an NFT marketplace. Overall, the mission is to create a bridge between Japan and the world in the domain of Web3.

A reason why Animoca Brands believes in supporting entities in their endeavors is because there are challenges that otherwise hinder the entrance and, thereby, the growth of the sphere. These include language barriers, business practices, and unique laws, to mention a few. Nevertheless, Japan is an ideal destination for those looking to embark on an entertaining journey in the world of Web3.

A total of 300 units of D:CC will go live at Coincheck NFT. Users are required to create an account on the platform and have sufficient ETH to acquire the piece. The selling price is expected to dance around 0.06 ETH. For reference, a single ETH is exchanging hands at $3,353.00 at the time of writing this article. That is a drop of 0.56% in the last 24 hours.

The expected selling price is subject to change at any moment. While hosted by Coincheck NFT, the sales process will be performed by Animoca Brands Inc.

The development began almost immediately after Animoca Brands Japan announced that it would facilitate the expansion into Japan of the overseas Web3 projects. At the core lies the intention of helping Web3 projects navigate their way around the prevailing complexities in Japan. Then, helping the Web3 industry in Japan to make it big for the region across the globe.

Animoca Brands has undertaken the initiative to provide comprehensive assistance in the form of softening the foundations of localization efforts and partnership facilitation, among others.

Japan has been identified as an ideal candidate in the world that rides high on the curiosity of adopting blockchain technology plus dApps and decentralized applications. There is a growing interest in projects, and Japan is looking to bank that productively.

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