Animoca Brands Japan, Honda, and Darewise form Web3 gaming alliance

A coalition is formed between Darewise Entertainment, Animoca Brands Japan, and Honda Motor to develop the AAA science fiction space series Life Beyond. This is a transportation vehicle-themed game. Darewise is, notably, a subsidiary organization of Animoca Brands.

The alliance was conceived by Animoca Brands Japan, which will observe the artistic potential and cutting-edge ingenuity of Honda Motor integrated into Life Beyond in order to revolutionize transportation on the planet Dolos, where Life Beyond is situated.

Darewise and Honda will collaborate on the development of new game assets and interactivity for Life Beyond, which will incorporate Honda’s i-game products, functions, and ordinals.

Benjamin Charbit, CEO of Darewise, states that the company is pleased to have a partner in the automotive industry like Honda. The level of gaming exposure is rapidly approaching its pinnacle.

Darewise Entertainment is an affiliated organization of Animoca Brands, a Web3 gaming technology company founded by AAA industry professionals. Animoca Brands is currently engaged in the development of the massive multiplayer online science fiction game Life Beyond.

Life Beyond is essentially a metaverse for video games in which players embark on an expedition to establish a new civilization on Planet Dolos. This science-fiction arena is supported by a tokenized economy that caters to gamers, allowing them to select their identity and assume their designated role within the intricate community of Life Beyond.

A subsidiary of Animoca Brands Corporation Limited, Animoca Brands commenced operations in Japan in 2021, per its official incorporation.


Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 corporation, provides digital property rights to customers worldwide via blockchain technology. They are in the process of establishing the open metaverse. The organization is engaged in the development of a wide variety of products, including Crazy Defense Heroes, The Sandbox, PHANTOM GALAXIES, and Life Beyond. It includes an assortment of motor sports.

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