Animoca Brands Japan inks a deal with SQUARE ENIX CO. LTD

A strategic agreement has been reached between Animoca Brands and SQUARE ENIX CO. LTD. to increase the visibility of the game SYMBIOGENESIS, which was developed by SQUARE ENIX. It comes with 10,000 NFT entities with game functionality. Animoca Brands Japan will leverage its extensive experience in promotional endeavors to facilitate the game’s global exposure.

SYMBIOGENESIS is essentially an entertainment initiative with an NFT focus that SQUARE ENIX developed. This Japanese entertainment company is credited with creating the Kingdom Heart series, Final Fantasy, and numerous other highly coveted role-playing games. A shattered high fantasy setting called SYMBIOGENESIS is home to 10,000 NFT game characters.

In SYMBIOGENESIS, NFTs serve multiple purposes: as avatars (PFPs), for interacting with a passionate community, and as entry points to the game. The game boasts high-quality gameplay, allowing players to advance through the story and missions, uncovering the secrets of the game’s fantastical world.

Animoca Brands Japan will support SYMBIOGENESIS through NFT sales and promotional initiatives, in addition to its extensive experience in facilitating the international expansion of Japanese projects.

Naoyuki Tamate, the producer of SYMBIOGENESIS at SQUARE ENIX, asserts that the collaboration with Animoca Brands Japan will enable the organization to reach a more extensive audience and increase its overall Web3 visibility.

As stated by Animoca Brands Japan’s COO, Kensuke Amo, the company is delighted to collaborate with SQUARE ENIX, an entertainment conglomerate renowned for delivering esteemed content and intellectual property (IP) that Japan can rightfully take pride in. As we further establish Animoca Brands Japan as the Web3 gateway connecting Japan and the rest of the world, we are honored to contribute to the worldwide expansion of SYMBIOGENESIS.

SYMBIOGENESIS is an NFT-centric game in which 10,000 NFT entities are utilized. In addition to serving as personal profile pictures (PFPs), its NFTs facilitate access to an exclusive community.

Animoca Brands Japan, conversely, operates as an affiliate of the aforementioned company. The organisation’s establishment was motivated by the desire to support global Web3 initiatives linked to Japanese intellectual property and content owners, including major publishing houses, sports organizations, educational institutions, athletes, and more. It integrates intellectual properties with blockchain technology and provides support to IP holders as they establish their unique ecosystem through a wide range of Web3 solutions. This establishes a link between Japanese intellectual properties and the global community.

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