Animoca Brands Japan invests in SmartRetail Group

Animoca Brands Japan, which happens to be an affiliate of Animoca Brands, has come out with its official announcement that it has taken a pledge to make a well-calculated investment in the SmartRetail Group. SmartRetail, on its own, happens to be an absolute top Engagement Out-of-home (EOOH) and Digital home V2.0 (DOOH 2.0) entity in Asia. It provides action-oriented advertising technology, along with unknown face identification technology. There is also the aspect of offering consumer insights solutions for the benefit of its retail associates.

They happen to include the likes of convenience stores, petrol stations, vending machines, and many others. This gives them the opportunity to be able to monetize their consumer flow with the help of relevant and effective external advertising models. This becomes instrumental in the creation of instant in-store benefits for customers. It has successfully formed many valuable associations all over Asia.

The SmartRetail Group happens to be having plans to move toward Japan by utilizing the investment amount from Animoca Brands Japan and the backing of MUFG Bank Ltd, which happens to be the biggest bank in Japan. Upon entering Japan, the entity aims to create an EOOH platform that will provide Web3 with the ability for real-world incorporations, along with offering the opportunity of forwarding Web3 incentives to customers. 

The entity has the vision statement of being able to witness Web3 in the form of a further virtual society. This will be through the methods of passing on digital ownership to individuals. It will be pursuing the path of the enhancement of Web3 through the investments it plans to carry on making in the connected industry. 

According to Kyoya Okazawa. SmartRetail has already made a stand for itself. Therefore, in his opinion, it will be the absolute correct thing to do by supporting the entity as far as possible. Adam So is concerned. He states that they will be utilizing the networking of Animoca Brands Japan effectively in order to further expand their operations. It will be a wonderful opportunity for them to make a solid base in Japan.  

Animoca Brands Japan happens to be an affiliate of Animoca Brands Corporation Ltd. The company was formed to back the global Web3 strategies. It is also a link between Japanese IPs and fans globally. Where Animoca Brands is concerned, it happens to be an absolute top-of-the-line company, actively engaged in digital entertainment, as well as blockchain and gamification.   

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