Animoca Brands now supports the $10 million Global Educators Fund

Yat Siu, the Chairman of Animoca Brands, has announced that the venture is now a part of the $10 million Global Educators Fund. Animoca Brands gets on board with the intention to contribute to the fund along with other partners, including, but not limited to, GEMS Education, TinyTap, and Dalton Learning Lab.

The Global Educators Fund is the brainchild of the Open Campus Protocol. Partners coming together to make a contribution to the fund are doing so to enable Protocol to achieve the mission of supplementing standard education curricula. The project leverages the capabilities of Web3 technology and its community to ensure that the entire ecosystem can collaborate.

It is a project that specifically targets teachers and educators, empowering them to not just create content but also own it and generate sufficient revenue for themselves. As for the remaining ecosystem, it will see interested students and learners come on the respective platforms to consume the content and learn from the material.

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital education; however, only a select platform could capitalize on the opportunities. There remains a gap to be filled, and this becomes a necessity with Web3 and blockchain technology gaining traction in the current times.

Interested teachers and experts are only required to have knowledge of the subject matter. Open Campus Protocol takes care of the tools that they require to create the content. For instance, it strengthens its educational material by providing the space for a slideshow, interactive games, and videos, among other forms of content. What really backs the mechanism of Protocol is the offering of upfront funding to creators, truly giving them a chance to go ahead and share the knowledge with the participants – students and learners, in this case.

Open Campus is attempting to bring out the most modern and innovative educational function with the program. It will further encompass the needs of parents to collaborate with the participants and creators, something that several traditional platforms lack as of now.

Digitization has already gained popularity. Hence, Protocol may not have to do a lot to advance its educational cause. This, however, remains restricted to modern states, with medium to low ones still excluded from the development.

Partners like TinyTap have taken it upon themselves to lend space to creators for the purpose of publishing their content. The material is then made available as an NFT, giving creators their fair dues.

Yat Siu believes that this is the first of its kind project, assuring that Animoca Brands is willing to allow creators to produce content that is innovative and relevant. Yat also acknowledged that teachers often lack the sufficient funds they need to produce innovative content. With the program in play, creators, participants, and parents can be confident that the educational material will help them learn about the challenges and opportunities of the future.

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