Animoca Brands, Open Campus, and ForbesWeb3 jointly introduce OC100

ForbesWeb3, Open Campus, and Animoca Brands launch OC100, a groundbreaking competition to honor Web3 producers that empower learners through their educational content. All three entities have compiled their skills for upgrading content creators in terms of online options.

By pooling their resources in education, media, and technology, these three groups are able to identify and celebrate the content creators responsible for instructional online content that is propelling Web3 adoption into its next phase.

On February 1, 2024, the OC100 will be established as a competition, and the nominees will be declared forthright. Following that, the public will cast their ballots on a website designed specifically for the competition. The OC100 will include 8 nomination categories such as cultural and content creation, artistic impact, and storytelling. There will also be technical trainers and developers, community makers and leaders, investment and financial insights, and more. The OC100 will eventually become a high-level statement for identifying the top 100 creators.

Forbes will promote the qualified creators, facilitating their interaction with the foremost Web3 innovators at Animoca Brands’ OC100 events.

The competition’s judges will consist of a distinguished group of Web3 professionals, including Yat Siu, chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands; Diana-luk Ye, project lead at McAverse; Ray Chan, founder of Memeland and head of strategic accounts for World of Women; Kenneth Shek, and numerous other notable individuals. 

As stated by Taha Ahmed, the Chief Growth Officer at Forbes, OC100 represents a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at transforming the educational domain within the Web3 ecosystem. The three corporations are collaborating in order to develop additional functionalities pertaining to digital education. 

As stated by Jonah Lau, the Project Lead at Open Campus, their objective is to establish a platform that emphasizes the value of educators with an open mind and fundamentally transform the current teaching paradigm. 

Yat Siu, co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, describes this as a step toward revolutionizing online learning options through the implementation of the most cutting-edge techniques ever implemented. 

Moca IDs or Open Campus IDs are mandatory for nominations and votes in the OC100 initiative. On January 23, 2023, Open Campus ID, a decentralized identifier (DID), was introduced in collaboration with Terminal 3. In the time after, more than 52,000 Open Campus IDs were sought. With its decentralized data storage and unique .edu identities, Open Campus ID is revolutionizing the way educational achievements are verified and documented. As an alternative, Animoca Brands’ 400+ businesses are linked by Moca ID, a decentralized identity (DID).

Open Campus is a community-driven protocol designed to involve parents, students, teachers, and content creators. It delegates the onus of education to instructors and students, thereby assisting them in establishing a more efficient environment. 


Awarded NFTNYC Brand Innovation, ForbesWeb3 is a division of Forbes that aims to develop innovative products and engage in other pertinent endeavors.

A leader in the Web3 industry, Animoca Brands implements the open metaverse by introducing digital property rights to consumers worldwide via blockchain technology.

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