Animoca Brands: Shaping the future of Metaverse and Gaming


Animoca Brands has become a leader in digital blockchain, entertainment, and gamification and is driving massive digital property rights through gaming and non-fungible tokens to build the open Metaverse. 

Animoca Brands is a top-ranked platform in developing and publishing a wide portfolio of digital products, which include The SAND token and the REVV token, original games such as The Sandbox, Crazy Defence Heroes, and Crazy Kings, and other products using essential intellectual properties such as WWE, Disney, The Walking Dead, Snoop Dogg, Power Rangers, MotoGP, Formula E, and more. 

It has many globally known subsidiaries, including Blowfish Studios, The Sandbox, GAMEE, Quidd, Lympo, Grease Monkey Games, Darewise, Eden Games, TinyTap, Be Media, and more. Animoca Brands possesses an ever-growing portfolio of over 380 investments, including Colossal, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, Dapper Labs, Harmony, Star Atlas, Alien Worlds, and Yield Guild Games.

1) Animoca Brands’ #IHO2 drop is live! 

Animoca brands recently announced its #IHO2, the Second Initial Home Offering that will soon go live with @highstreetworld, and a fresh new batch will start on November 3. This will include 888 All-Terrain Trailers, the initiation of the Whitelist mint at 1 PM (available for 2 hours), and a Public mint at 3 PM. The second batch will be open till November 5 with a total supply of 888.

Participants do not need to meet any requirements to be a part of the #IHO2 drop except for $HIGH and a pinch of good luck! In addition to this, the winners of the event from the AMAs held in the past will get to enjoy an exclusive period in the first two hours to mint an RV way before everyone else.

2) TinyTap launched publisher NFTs

Animoca Brands is slowly advancing towards the virtual property rights for open Metaverse and gaming along with its subsidiary, a leading digital platform for educational games, TinyTap, to launch Publisher NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). The Publisher NFTs will be linked to bundles of educational gaming and interactive activities developed by the platform’s teachers. 6 Publisher NFTs were recently auctioned on OpenSea on November 2. Participants who wished to participate in the auction required a cryptocurrency wallet backed by OpenSea. 

3) Gucci Vault Opens In The Sandbox along with Sergio Kun Aguero, Paris Hilton, and SandboxAlphaS3 event 

The Sandbox, a virtual real estate platform, witnessed one of the first luxury brands, Gucci, build its space and become a first mover in the open metaverse. The Gucci Vault will allow players to experience a play-to-know narrative along with different activities and get a chance to get exclusive rewards and $SAND, The Sandbox’s utility token developed on the ETH Blockchain. The ultimate objective of Gucci Vault is to provide education to the Web 3.0 community via gamification on the heritage of Gucci.

4) Animoca Brands to title sponsor MotoGP™ Grands Prix of Australia 

Animoca Brands recently announced its title sponsorship of the two MotoGP Grands Prix in 2022 and 2023. Animoca Brands and Dorna Sports will expand and strengthen their partnership as the former takes the top position of being a title sponsor for Grands Prix for two seasons. The sponsorship will also include the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, a racing blockchain gaming ecosystem developed by Animoca Brands and powered by REVV, a token serving as a primary utility, action, and purchase currency for the ecosystem.

5) Nissan partners with Grease Monkey Games’ Torque Drift 2 by dropping first ever Nissan utility digital collectibles

Grease Monkey Games, Animoca Brands’ subsidiary and a multi-platform video gaming studio in Australia, has announced its historic collaboration and partnership with the Japan-based Nissan Motor Company. Torque Drift 2 by Grease Monkey Games is the first digital experience worldwide; officially licensed digital collectibles of Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun, and NISMO will be available. Nissan and Grease Monkey Games plan to release around 15 Nissan models in the next few months, with several variants available in Torque Drift 2. Around 5 variants of the 180SX model of the official digital collectibles of Nissan will be made available, including 7 variants of the 370Z model and everyone’s favorite, the Sil80.

6) Crazy Defense Heroes’ is Animoca Brands’ Tower Defense Game that’s Boosting its Play-To-Earn Reward Pool with 1,200,000 Tower Tokens

In November and December, play-to-earn events brought about by Crazy Defense Heroes will offer everyone a chance to enjoy a share from a prize pool of 1,200,000 tower tokens. The tower defense-slash-RPG by Animoca Brands, along with CCG elements, welcomes players to participate in the events and aims to gain at least 315,000 Avatar XP or Experience Points every month. 

Players in Crazy Defense Heroes can challenge their skills in more than 1,000 levels of tower defense madness and defend against their enemies across 4 difficulty modes: Normal, Hard, Crazy, and Nightmare. They can also use various spells, heroes, equipment, and towers and collect 400 cards with rarities.

7) Animoca subsidiary GMEE Token launched the Second Edition of G-Bots by GAMEE 

Second edition of G-Bot visuals by GAMEE, Animoca Brand’s hyper-casual games subsidiary, was recently launched. These visuals can be obtained by breeding, upgrading, and evolving – new utilities for our G-Bot NFTs, powered by GMEE and OMP tokens.

8) Phantom Galaxies announced its first in-game event: The Astrafite Rush!

Another popular subsidiary of Animoca Brands, Blowfish Studios, recently announced the public sale of Planet Genesis, giving a chance to every player to own a part of Phantom Galaxies in the form of Planet NFTs. 

Phantom Galaxies also announced its first in-game event, the Astrafite Rush Event, which will provide a great opportunity for participants to play and earn rewards. The event will concentrate on two main activities – defeating enemies and mining Astrafite. The activities will help achieve personal and social goals monitored on the official website of Phantom Galaxies. Players will also get PGToken Entitlement that can be exchanged for PGTokens.

9) Life Beyond wearable NFT mint date is coming

After acquiring Darewise Entertainment’s Life Beyond, a Metaverse-like Blockchain online gaming, the platform has announced the launch of its first wearable NFTs mind-date, which is coming soon. To continue bridging worlds within the Animoca Brand’s gaming ecosystem, Agent Zero Jacket (AZJs) will be made purchasable in multiple currencies, including AB, PROS, APE, and USDC tokens. 


Animoca Brands is making leaps and bounds in advancing digital property rights for the open Metaverse and gaming ecosystem. The digital platform consistently delivers new launches and products to bridge the gaps between the real and virtual worlds. 

It aims to create new asset classes, an equitable virtual framework, and play-to-earn economies to contribute to building an open metaverse.

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